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Good news for OL AltWren vs. Steelhorns

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Hey OL Cursain,


Yes, he could be the target of a Pit Trap. Keep in mind, however, that the action would not be interrupted. He would still have to use an action (at some later point) to remove the Stunned condition, but he would finish his Heroic Feat action.


Justin Kemppainen
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games



Message from:
OL Cursain


Rule Question:
Can Steelhorn's special character ability (once per encounter) be impacted by the OL card pit trap?

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Oh, I've always known that one.  The problem is Tripwire and Web Trap.  And I just got this one:


No. Steelhorns' Heroic Feat is not a move action, and thus Tripwire does not affect it.


Like I thought.  No worries though.  He's out of my campaign now.  Thanks for trying.  In closing, no, nothing stops Steelhorns.  Most cards can't affect him and the one that does doesn't even stop him.

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