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One Player Options?

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This could be interesting.  I own quite a few games with solo modes so I never thought about having one for Nexus Ops.


I will try to remember to tinker around and play some variants and get back to you on how they went.


Just kicking some ideas off the top of my head:

- use a 2 player map.

- 10 victory points.

- use standard rules.


The opponent would play as follows:

Deploy based on the round, all in the same hex:

Round 1: 4 humans

Round 2: 2 rock striders

Round 3: 2 humans, 2 fungoids

Round 4: 2 humans, 2 crystallines

Round 5: 2 humans, 1 lava leaper

Round 6: x


opposing units always must move towards your home base.

units must move towards one of your occupied hexes.

if you have one or more occupied units the same distance from the enemy, you can choose which way the opposing units move.

enemy rock striders must move two spaces (through or to rock) as long as they end up in another hex with friendly units.


opposing units do not explore


opposing units do not draw any mission cards, energize cards, or collect rubium.


You lose if an enemy reaches your home base.


That could be a base to start on for a wave-like variant.

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Concidentally I was thinking of a solo horde-like variant as well.


Personally I don't like solo games that involve rolling dice, as I prefer solo games that involve problem solving, so I didn't think too much about it.


So I thought about a solo mode that involves having six cards, numbered 1 through 6, in which you have to play one every time you roll a die, and can only get them back once you have exhausted them.  Therefore deciding what to his and miss with.


Unfortunately I also prefer solo versions of games to be like the main game as close as possible.  Its a conundrum for me.

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