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Cards (expansion)

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While this game is really fun, I think there should be more wild in Wild West. Placing titles is ok but some unexpected events should take place. 

So i thought about cards.


What cards can do?

- help you in duel

- change situation in town

- disturb other players


How can i get this cards?

- in saloon  (for cash?), instead of recruiting new cowboy


Example of cards:


Duel cards (you can play it only in duel):

- Dud: you opponent lose a bullet

- Just a scratch: heal one damage

- Knife in the sleeve: deal one damage just before duel  

- Just take it easy: force your opponent to return to rancho 


Event cards(you can play it only in your turn, ends turn):

- Indians!: every player can lose one (two?) bullet, if they don't, they must move all of their cowboys to the abandon mine

- Dynamite: destroy one building in the town 

- Holy Mass: move every cowboy in game to church 

- Good old days: remove one railroad form board

- Cavalry has arrived: for next 3 turns duels are prohibited


Action cards (you can play it only in your turn, ends turn, it doesn't ends turn )

- Horse theft: take one opponents horse for yourself

- Oil snake salesman: every opponent lose two $ 

- Retreat!: move all your cowboys to your rancho 

- Help!: move sheriff to other location



What do you think about this? Some cards are too powerful? Do you have some ideas for cards?

Please post it ;)

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