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Mighty Martin

Market Step Variant

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I create a Variant in 2006 for the market step and its been a while since I posted it so I thought for any new players out there, they might like to give it a go.


After the game set up, when market cards have been dealt to the towns, separate the Market deck in to 4 separate decks by type, i.e. 1) Weapons, 2) Armour, 3) Allies, and 4) Artifacts and Runes. 


Now when a player enters a town he must choose to visit one of 5 traders within that town. 1) The Weapon Smith (Weapons), 2) The Armourer (Armour) , 3) The Tavern (hire Allies) 4) The Enchanter/Enchantress (Artifacts and Runes) and 5) The Market Place (Market Stack).


A player can only visit one of the five traders during his/her market step, any cards sold during the market step go to the towns market place and not to the trader. When visiting a trader draw (except the market place) 3 cards to see what the trader has to offer. After making purchases discard any cards you did not buy back to the relevant trader and shuffle the deck.


The Market place is the Market stack as detailed in the main rules. When a player first begins the market step, a card is still drawn from one of the traders decks, chosen at random* and placed in the market stack, the player then decides which of the 5 traders he will visit.


*Roll 1d10 - 1-2 Draw from the Weapon Deck / 3-4 Draw from the Armour Deck / 5-6 Draw from the Allies Deck / 7-8 Draw from the Artifacts and Runes Deck / 9-0 Player Chooses.


During play cards are discarded back to their relevant decks. If a card instructs a cards to be drawn from the market deck, choose a trader deck at random as explained above.


If you like the variant, I created a small mat that can be printed off with spaces to place the separate card piles onto, you can download it here.


I hope you have fun with it :D



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