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Bugs or intended ?

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Hello together,


Reading the rules again, I found some stuff that might be buggy, intended or not described well.


So I decided to share this:


> item status has no real relevance for weapons / armour anymore :(

   As proposal:


   Best quality:
   - Ranged Weapons: choose one: get reliable, lose Unreliable, get accurate or RoF 1 step better
   - Melee Weapons: choose one: get balanced, lose unbalanced, get +1 damage
   - Armour: choose one: weight -25% or one location gets +1 armour value

   Poor quality:
   - Ranged Weapons: choose one: gets Unreliable, loses Reliable, loses Accurate or RoF 1 step worse
   - Melee Weapons: choose one: gets unbalanced, loses balanced, gets damage -1
   - armour: choose one: weight +25% or one location gets -1 armour value


> Concussive dazes only for 1 Round ? Wouldnt DoF be better ?


> where does the melta bomb double its Pen ? Only in the center ?


> Machine Trait is no more...this leads to some missing immunities that made sense before (e.g. for servitors)


> Bounty hunter profiles list manstopper ammunition; this kind of ammunition does not exist in DH2


> NPC profiles in general are not updated to newer weapon/armour updates


> does "dodge" help against ALL attacks (incl Psy ??) or only against ranged ?

--> sources say different things:

P.81:  A character can make an Evade (A) test after a
successful attack test is made against him using a ranged weapon

P.202:  or the Agility characteristic to avoid any type of attack

---> I would say it is meant, that Dodge can be used against all...but isnt it a bit overpowered than ? Shouldnt it get some kind of penalty, if used against non-ranged ?


> "Preternatural Speed" looks very weak (+1m ??), especially if compared to "Sprint" & "Thundercharge"

--> does Sprint add its bonus also to Charge damage ??

--> does Thundercharge add the +2 to the charge damage ??


> Weapon Mechandrite: does not say how many AP are needed to use the weapon

--> if it needs the same as firing it by hand, it has no real benefit, besides having another weapon ready; should provide at least 1 free AP for firing with the arm


> surprise seems to weak: if a target has a good Initiative, surprise has no effect (as it has its turn before you do and therefore does not lose AP)

--> surprised targets should be considered as dazed in the first round of combat


> excessive use of Influence speaks about (p.233) losing 1 Influence bonus

--> does that mean, that you lose -10 Influence points ? Or is only 1 point meant ?


> overview of malignancies is missing RoF for some of its listed weapons


> no higher chances for weapons jams for automatic fire anymore...intended ?

I would prefer the chance to be higher (more realistic)


> no range modifiers anymore

--> makes a strange surrealistic feeling, when size of targets is considered, but not the distance to them (especially if comparing point blank VS extreme ranges)


> Burning status can be decreased within 1 round

--> should be decreased by a certain amount and not necessarily in total


> Fragmentation ounds need new text (after "Storm" disappeared)


> the Eviscerator is NOT unbalanced ?


> may Shotguns use unusual SP-ammunition ?


> no saving throws against Crippling & Sapping ?


> flexible weapons can parry now ?


> can you parry without a melee weapon (with bare hands) ? Is there any penalty if attacking bare-handed against a foe with a melee weapon ?


> missing a friendly-fire rule for shots into melee (when do you hit someone else...especially with auto-fire) ?


> Plasma Weapons should be rarer and the Pen seems way too high (~8 would be better)


> Bolt Pistol should have RoF 1; Bolt Pistol & Bolt Gun should have Pen improved to 3 or 4


> Shotgun seems a little weak now --> maybe add +1 damage


> can Psy Power "Manipulate Flame" also block certain weapons (like flame throwers or meltas) ?


> can Psy Power "Spontaneous combustion" also set objects in flames ?


> Psy Power "Telepathic Link" sounds strange to use and is not well balanced between Telepathy (to difficult) and Mind Scan (to fast and easy) 

--> should be split into Telepathy & Mind Scan


> is there any Use for Detox (Toxic quality lasts not very long) ?


> Keen Intuition seems exploitable (may be re-tried too many times)


> First Aid seems WAY too exploitable (every wound can be healed very fast from a good healer)

--> it should take longer to heal and limit the use somehow, e.g. only give the wound a "treated" status, where the modifiers go down from +5/ to +3 or exchange the wound for 1 point of fatigue


> the agility cap on armour does not limit regular tests of agility / dodge etc. in any way

--> it should have influence on anything with Agility, not only the bonus value


> no strength saving throw against Takedown ? Can a target of ANY size be taken down this way ??


> no mechanicus implants any more :(((((((((((


> no negative sanctioning effects anymore :((((((((((


> AAT / sanctioned / psyker combination needs to be re-worked; it needs to be possible to make:

--> non-psyker AAT-characters

--> non-AAT, but sanctioned Psyker-characters


> Make Untouchables, Un-touchable; they are very different and should feel like that


> some important Psy Powers from DH1 Core are missing (and have no real substitutes):

--> Dowsing, Soul Sight, Celular Control, Psychic Blade & Projection


> Lack of minor Psy Powers

--> some important should be integrated into the major disciplines a lower cost abilities (e.g. Wall Walk !)


> Melee Weapon RoF, based on characteristic bonus scale too fast

--> should better be scaled on Bonus/2 (rounded up), e.g. for Swords WS-B/2 (rounded up) -1 instead WS-B -3


> the Strength Bonus is sometimes used in an odd way for melee weapons; sometimes it is used as Pen, sometimes as damage modifier (this leads to strange issues, like with a sword VS chainsword)

--> maybe this should be unified / re-thought in some way

The general idea of having different characteristics giving bonus for different weapons is very good

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> Weapon Mechandrite: does not say how many AP are needed to use the weapon

--> if it needs the same as firing it by hand, it has no real benefit, besides having another weapon ready; should provide at least 1 free AP for firing with the arm



Ballistic mechadendrites never gave you another action, they simply allowed you to fire the gun, using up your reaction for that turn. Since reactions are now directly tied into the AP system, it wouldn't make sense for them to provide an additional AP - however, I agree that they should provide some kind of bonus, as they are currently in a similar position as dual wielding (where you currently pretty much get the same result out of simply using more AP to increase the RoA with your first weapon, at least if you're using the same weapon twice, and even with different weapons, the difference isn't big as long as they are on the same power level)

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True, but in the past, Reaktion could not be transfered to attacks in general.


Now, AP are much more flexible and this is no real benefit anymore.


So, +1 AP for Mechandrite Attack Use only would be an interesting option

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