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The Overlord stole our thunder at the last second

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The heroes were playing the finale with Gwyvorn yesterday. It had been an epic campaign with the heros only loosing one quest during the entire campaign. The heroes had more gear than they new what to do with, and had every skill that they wanted.


It was the final battle with Gwyvorn down to half his hitpoints and most of the heroes only down 1 or 2. Gwyvorn was ready to die and he knew it.


So what did the overlord do? On his turn he put himself in a position where the heroes surrounded him(he was able to do this because the heroes made sure to keep enough space between them that Fire Breath would only affect two max), and then he BLood Raged. Doing so he managed to kill on character and almost a second. Talk about stealing the characters Thunder. :huh:

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