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Placing a rune on the board

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After re-reading and re-re-reading the following...


"Some Season cards or Tactics cards instruct players to place (or move) rune tokens to specific areas. These cards do not use the term 'receive one dragon rune' and only cause the specified tokens to be placed; the cards do not also place false runes unless specified."


...I think I'm good with interpreting it as saying you place an actual dragon rune and not a false one.

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Just out of curiosity, is there a specific card you are referring to?  As far as I remember, any of the cards that tell you to place a single rune say to place a single "dragon rune" - which are the real runes.


The fake's are referred to as "false runes".


For instance, on page 5, in the component descriptions, it describes them in the "Rune Tokens" as "dragon rune" or "false rune".


If there is a card that just says "rune" without saying "dragon rune", though, that could be confusing.

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