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Calculating NPC Threat Levels for Homebrewed NPCs

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So in the NPCs and Adversaries section the concept of threat levels, threat thresholds and encounter levels are introduced into the  game. I like this as it allows the GM a mechanical way to see if combat encounters are balanced. Of course I know it comes down to other factors such as surprise and the availability of cover, but still this idea is very useful. However, unless I missed it, I don't see a way of counting up the threat level of an NPC that you just made up.


Say I want to run a game based on a cut down version of the DW free game Final Sanctum. I'll be needing to build myself a geenstealer NPC from scratch. It's fundamental enough to put together all the other stats, skills, talents, traits, etc. What we are missing is a way of adding them all up. Something like starting characteristics are WS 20 BS 20 etc increases cost y points. XP cost for traits are x, y and z.


So, has anyone else come up with an elegant solution for this?

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