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Inner sanctum - impossible?

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Hey there ;)


Spoiler Warning!


we've chosen the setting 1A with the ladder leading to the Basement Storage (3A).

During the game we weren't able to find any key so we've got struck in the first four rooms.


Clue 4 is hidden in the Secret Passage, which we can't reach because of the locked Cabinet in the Study.


The Ladder is not explored yet and the Door to the the Basement Storage is locked with a magical Lock (magical Phrase locked in the Study).


The Ceremony room is also locked (barred entry).


So are we wrong or are the only options to explore Chapel, Corner Hall, Basement and the Furnace Room?


If I get it right the key to open the study lies behind that locked door.


Thanks for your help!





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The secret passage is not locked. Just walk through the door.


The item found in the locked cupboard, is needed to access the basement storage.


Not seeing what is preventing your progress in all honesty? Are you treating obstacles like locks?


a lock is revealed when you attempt to enter a room, a obstacle (in this case the locked cabinet) is revealed when you search the room. and all it stops you doing (without the key) is from further exploring the room.


Walk into the Secret Passage, seach :D continue!


edit, also double check your map.. is it possible you have the secret passage set up in the wrong manner? Or any adjoining tiles?

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