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Cosmic Storm when???

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I picked mine up today!


A quick breakdown of the aliens: 5 Green: Bulwark, Neighbor, Outlaw, Phantasm, Vox

15 Yellow: Arcade, Brute, Converter, Coordinator, Dervish, Grumpus, Patriot, Porcupine, Scavenger, Sloth, Sneak, Sycophant, Tide, Worm, Wormhole

5 Red: Mouth, Roach, Squee, Swindler, Tyrant


IMO, Arcade and Vox are hilarious, Squee is going to lead to the most entertaining gameplay, and I'm pretty sure it's Sycophant that follows through the tradition of having one alien perturbing another in its artwork (but I'll let someone else ID the other alien).

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