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The Gong Farmer

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I love the idea of having a Gong Farmer as a career.  Here's some feedback specific to your 3rd Ed version:


Unless I'm missing it, your write-up doesn't seem to have a Career Special Ability.  You wrote "No Sense Of Smell" in the Career Skills area, perhaps you intended that to be the Career Special Ability? It reads as only a penalty currently, but it's possible you intended it to be beneficial.


Brainstorming alternative things that could work as a Career Special Ability instead of or in addition to having no sense of smell: 

  • Add Fortune Die on disease checks, disease recovery checks, and rolls to resist gas attacks.
  • Add 2 Fortune Dice to all your checks and actions while you have are affected by the Filthy Condition. You may spend a Fortune Point or a manoeuvre to gain the Filthy condition at any time.
  • Add Expertise Die to checks to navigate the sewers or sneak into a building via its basement, gong, or cesspool.
  • Reduced darkness penalties since you always work at night. Probably 1 less misfortune.
  • Actions targeting you gain "bane bane: suffer 1 shame" due to the scent and general unpleasantness of being near you.

Any one of those could work depending on the direction you want to take it.


You also might consider give them Athletics as a Career Skill. Four skills is below the average amount for a career. I think Athletics would be a good fit because Gong Farmers carry a lot of **** around, and sometimes have to clear blockages, hold their breath, and/or swim through the muck.

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I am also puzzled by the skill No sense of smell.

Since its an automatic fail on smell checks once you acquire it.  What happens when you train it? 


As a career ability, hmm could be useful in some areas, sewers, rotten corpses.

Bad things drinking bad ale, bad food, not smelling the stink of the sleeping troll in the cave beside you.


What specializations would you have as well?

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