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Success in running Beginner Scenario on roll20 (spoilers)

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I ran the Beginner Scenario on roll20 and Google Hangouts last night to some pretty good success.  We had three players, most veteran role players but little knowledge of the EoE system.


Game took about 3 hours, after sorting out some communications difficulties.   I did not use the character advancement in the beginner box, and found that the starship combat was a little too limited and difficult to explain.  I think for future games, having a bit of a cheat sheet for spaceship combat would be a good option. 


Also, as the GM I did not feel I used enough Dark Side Destiny points.    I only used a DP once to ensure the Stormtroopers engaged the party.   Since my party was lucky when slicing the computer (several advantages) they had intel on the Stormtroopers and the Imperial Shuttle.  I felt realistically there was not enough time for the stormtroppers to make it to the party before the escaped the command center.     So I used a DP and a storyline of speeders to get them on site for the encounter.  


Overall, as a NewB GM I found it very enjoyable to run, as I approached it as it was all our story to build.   So frequently I keep asking how They want to spend the Advantage, Triumph and in a few cases the Threats.  


I am looking forward to additional session on roll20 and diving in Long Arm of the Hutt.



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I usd the BG scenario a little differently when I ran it with my sons. Trex was a bouty hunter that had killed the middle son's Wookie Force-Sensitive Excile's master and stole his light saber. So the Wookie and a pair of smugglers (my other two son's characters) had tracked Trex back to his home compound and had to infiltrate the compound to get the lightsaber back. They ended up killing Trax and escaping in the YT-1300.

The TIE fighter encounter happened because Trex had contacted the empire about a bouty on lightsabers and an imperial Frigate arrive just before the PCs escaped.

So mostly the same encounters with different context/story.

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