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Official errata for Silver Tablet?

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Greetings, fellow investigators


   I'm "keeping" a game of Silver Tablet tomorrow, and I was looking around for errata, in a spirit of pure prophylaxy.


   I found a post on Board Game Geek that claimed that 4A/4B and 5A/5B should be swapped (I'm sure you've seen it too), but frustratingly, nothing from FFG, or even anything on these fora, that said the same.


   So, what should I do? Believe the fellow from BGG? Ignore him? Ask FFG whether they have a page of official errata anywhere (I couldn't find one)? Just make sure that I pick the same choice for 4 and 5, so that the question doesn't arise?


   It would be wonderful if FFG had a promptly updated errata page somewhere. Could this be true?


   Thanks to any allies against those who seek to overwhelm us!




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