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Problems playing against a deck

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My friend has built a deck that in my head just doesn't make sense and I can't see how it works, but it just does. I'll post the decklist and if anyone can see any counters to it I'd love to know!


House Stark 

House of Dreams agenda (gates of winterfell)



Stoic Resolve

Desolate Passage

Loyalty Money Can Buy 

The Minstrel's Muse 

Manning the City Walls 


Wildfire Assault



The Blackfish (x3) 

Jaqen H'ghar (Shadows version that imitates recently killed character)

Midnight Sentry (x3)

Knight of Harrenhal 

Robb Stark (trait naming one)

The Bastard of Bolton (x2)

Arya Stark (HoBaW)

Deepwood Mercenary 

Riders of the Red Fork 

Peasant Defenders


Fleet from Wolf's Den (x2)

Follower of the Many-Faced God

Reek (x2)

Jojen Reed

Bolton Refugee

Roose Bolton (x2)

Wyman Manderly 

The Bastard's Elite 

The Flayed Men 

Steelshanks Walton

Meera Reed

Rickard Karstark

House Umber Berserkers 

Catelyn Stark (x2)

Banner for the North

Old Nan

Winterfell Honor Guard

House Tully Septon

Ser Kyle Condon (x2)

The Hound (stark/lanni affiliate)

Varys (core)

Eddard Stark (core)

Maester Luwin 

The Bastard's Boys

Knight of Harrenhal



Narrow Sea (x2)

Northern Fifedoms (x2)

Crossroads (x2)

Lord Eddard's Chambers

Great Keep (x2)


The Dreadfort

Abandoned Fort 

Gates of Winterfell



Court Advisor

Poisoned Coin (x2)


Grey Wind 

Winter Cache (x3)



Distinct Mastery (x2)

No Quarter

The Price of War

Terror in the Dungeons

Split Loyalties 


Lethal Counterattack


He plays HoD on the gates of winterfell and plays it every marshalling to try and bring in free characters. 


Everything about this deck just seems to scream against everything I know about deck building. But he's played it several times and it just seems to work. 


Any ideas?



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I can see how this deck works and based on the card listings i get the mechanics but i have the following question :


Do you play one particular house or is it all house that struggle ?

Do you have access to a complete card pool ?

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The majority of houses seem to have an issue, except Targ burn I've found, but the guys I play with don't like me playing targ burn cos they "don't have any fun" in those games so I rarely get to use it. 


Complete card pool? Umm... have all expansions and about 40% of the chapter packs, but I've no issue printing proxies and ordering new packs.

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Apologies for the delay in getting back. I have looked at this and can't really understand why it is causing such problems and as such i would be interested to see what decks you were using to combat it.


It appears to be quite sparse on resources and by taking initiative you would be able to take control.


Am i correct in stating that it is getting success in Melee ? This would make sense as it could slowly build and combine combos whereas i would imagine in Joust it would get blown away.

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