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Little hook/mission generator.

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Hey everyone. I decided to write a little hook/job/mission generator. Roll a d10 on the following tables for some ideas. This is just meant to be a quick little tool to use on the fly to generate something.


Employer -> Job -> Target -> Motivation -> Twist -> Compensation.


Example: Smuggler, sell, lost relic, revenge, Time is of the essence, new ally.

This could be a known smuggler hires the group to sell a lost relic he recently stole from his personal rival. Time is of the essence because no one has noticed the lost relic is gone, and by the time the word gets out that the relic is missing, no one on the market, who knows what it is will buy it. Should the group succeed, they gain a new ally in the smuggler, who will help them out in the future.



Employer hires you to Job Target because Motivation, but Twist for Compensation.


1. Rebel spy
2. Imperial officer
3. Corporate agent
4. Smuggler
5. Innocent
6. Criminal (Individual or Organization)
7. Anonymous
8. Dealer
9. Proprietor
10. Intermediate Party (re-roll for silent employer)


1. Bounty Hunt
2. Transport
3. Smuggle
4. Negotiate/Coerce
5. Acquire
6. Slice
7. Destroy
8. Sell
9. Discover
10. Sabotage


1. Adversary. Perhaps not the groups’.
2. Ally. The groups’ or the employers’.
3. Illegal Cargo. Super risky stuff.
4. Innocent. Wrong place, wrong time, probably.
5. Legal Cargo. Safe if found.
6. Location. A place rather than a person or thing.
7. Lost Relic. What was once lost.
8. Secret Data. Information others have purposefully hid.
9. Ship. Could be enemy, ally, pirate, innocent, who knows?
10. Traitor. Betrayal is the name of the game sometime.


1. Extortion.
2. Glory.
3. Greed.
4. Honor
5. Love
6. Loyalty
7. Obligation
8. Revenge
9. Secrecy
10. Selflessness


1. Betrayal. Ally to enemy, enemy to ally.
2. Caught in crossfire.
3. Counter-proposal.
4. Equipment malfunction.
5. Old news. Reason for the job is long past.
6. Failure to show.
7. It’s a trap! Ambush.
8. No twist. Everything is as it appears to be.
9. Time is of the essence.
10. Unexpected security.


1. Favor. Someone owes you.
2. Items/Repairs. No credits, but gain useful items or much needed repairs.
3. Just paid. Average credit amount for the task or risk.
4. New adversary. Someone is now your enemy.
5. New ally. Made a reliable friend.
6. Obligation. As a result you gain a new or existing obligation
7. Survival. You get to live for another day.
8. Under paid. Low credit amount for the task or risk.
9. Useful contacts. Now you know people who know people.
10. Well paid. High credit amount for the task or risk.

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