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Warhammer 40,000 LARP at Gen Con (LRP1345017)

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The heretics behind Nox Terminus and Lex Finalis return to Gen Con Thursday, August 15th at 2pm for another live action experience set in the dark future of the 41st Millenium! If you have any questions for the GMs or would like to reserve a specific character, contact the organizers at


Nex Eternus (LRP1345017)


Abandoned millennia ago by the Deathwatch, Watch Station Altus Tractus IX
drifted alone in the void, undisturbed in an age of constant war. Rediscovered
by an ambitious Rogue Trader, the Inquisition prepares to break the sepulchral
fortress's ancient seal. What grim secret does the Watch Station contain, and

how far will the Deathwatch go to keep it sealed away?

Cast List:

*Radical Inquisitor Coterie*
Lord-Inquisitor Bellatrix Nightfall - Former assassin and current scourge of heretics
Old Stewart – Savant, scribe, confidant, and Psyker thrall
Mort – Youthful man-at-arms and product of the Schola Progenium
Brother Kant – Mendicant monk, spiritual advisor, and curate
Plaxx – Survivor of the destruction of Ze'ev 751

*Deathwatch Killteam*
Brother-Captain Artorius – Ultramarine seconded to the Deathwatch
Brother-Chirurgeon Rephaim – Dark Angel Apothecary seconded to the Deathwatch
Brother-Archivist Hecatomb – Blood Angel Librarian seconded to the Deathwatch
Curia Florentine – Hospitaller of the Adeptus Sororitas
Lord-Inquisitor Marta vonKrel – Emissary of the Ordo Xenos

*Crew of The Jeweled Chalice*
Lord-Captain Malifax Randal – A Rogue Trader of some renown
Margaret "Blue Eyes" Trismegistus – Hedonistic young Navigator
Feral Gor, The Render – Primitive human tribesman and Randal's personal guard
Explorator Obed Grendizer – Xenoarcanist and seeker of lost knowledge
Theodosious Rochfel – Seneschal and majordomo of the Jeweled Chalice

*Bonded Servants of Watch Station Altus Tractus IX*
Quillis Vorn – Astropath
Magos Votom – Tech-Priest
Davrios Nuhl – Mind-wiped archivist

*Crew of the Wayward Venture*
Valkil Chardus – Chartist Captain of the Wayward Venture
Urik "Red Eye" Driskal – Outbound mercenary captain
Technomat Dunbine – Archeotechnician and salvage specialist

Culinarian deYarbo – Master of the ship's mess
Boris "The Slab" deSlav – Mutant drudge
Doctor Volstoy – Ship's Chiurgeon
Servitor Ogram XVII – Heavy maintinence Servitor

*Imperial Navy Contingent*
Lord-Admiral Doramus vanRichen – Master of the flagship Dominance.
Arch-Cartographer Gadevillious Brom – Navigator and advisor to the Lord-Admiral
Lieutenant Maximillian Gorst – Last of an old naval family
Commissar Korolyov – Commissar dispatched from Battlefleet Walpurus


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