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Could someone please tell me what they think is a good quality rpg?

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You made me giggle! Yeah if you played D&D (I'm assuming 4th edition) you ARE in fact still looking for a good quality RPG. Would be helpful to know what sort of setting, theme and style your after.  In terms of quality, as in well designed and well written, you've come to the right place.  FFG is hot right now in terms of RPGs.  Star Wars Edge of the Empire is probably the best RPG that's ever been made to be honest and I have played tons.  Warhammer Fantasy 3.0 is also really good, though this was kind of a trial version for the system and the component heavy thing gets a bit tiresome after a while, its good for groups who like visual aids and it uses the same basic die mechanic that Edge of Empire does.


Outside of FFG their are a few classics.  Alternity if you can find it (its out of print), is the unquestioned king of building science-fiction games.  Pathfinder if you like D&D, but want an actual role-playing game rather then a tactical miniatures game like 4th edition was.  The new World of Darkness is well made, though personally I didn't think their was anything wrong with the old one.  GURPS if your really into world building and need an easy mechanic that always works no matter how crazy your ideas are, there is virtually no genre, style or theme you can't run with GURPS.


Thats my two cents.

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oWoD became too bloated (as did nWoD, eventually...).  i suppose that's the problem with RPGs after you sell the core books - how are you going to make money off the line after that?  


as for what to try next... whoa.

depends what you are looking for in an RPG, as BigK said.

it also depends who is playing (ages, number of players etc), and how (Skype/G+? in person?)


for rules-heavy crunchy games try pathfinder or GURPS or a HERO system game.

if you are looking for a rules-lite way to tell fun, adventure stories, try SAVAGE WORLDS or FATE / SoTC

STAR WARS EotE is a great mix of rules and "role" playing - plus awesome dice

FATE is also a good choice if you are interested in more "role" play in your RPG

(Dresden Files RPG is a create FATE system RPG, obviously set in Dresdenverse)

if you want to try another mix of "role" play with still some heavier game mechanics, try BURNING WHEEL


if you like mystery, i can't recommend any GUMSHOE system books enough

for edgy, weird over the top sex with very little rules, go with APOCALYPSE WORLD

(or for more traditional DnD version, try DUNGEON WORLD)

(or for the edgy teen monster version, try MONSTER HEARTS)


dark and horror? go with CALL of CTHULHU 5th ed (i remember seeing 6th on kickstarter... i think)

(or for more cthulhu fix, try TRAIL of CTHULHU - a gumshoe system book)


SHADOWRUN is great. near future steampunk. it's more rules-heavy.


for one-shots, i'd recommend FIASCO very highly.  i didn't like OUR LAST BEST HOPE much.

i also really really love THE QUIET YEAR (but accept it for what it is - macro focused storytelling, like microscope)

other one-shot/shorter "party" RPGs are MICROSCOPE, PENNY FOR MY THOUGHTS, and DIASPORA


other mentions: DOGS IN THE VINEYARD (sort of alt history mormon cowboy-paladins)


DREAD (horror/suspense played with a jenga (!) tower)

WORLD of DARKNESS (a "choose your monster" game - werewolf, mage, vampire, etc)


i've played (nearly - there are a few i own but still haven't found time to play) all these games. feel free to ask if you have questions about any of them.


which do i prefer? i love taking bits and pieces of my favorites and smashing them together into a home-brew.  i prefer skills based systems over attribute based (cthulhu and WoD over DnD).  i prefer situationally flexible systems (like WoD or FATE).  i hate hate hate experience points, but love leveling characters (i prefer systems which give a "flat rate" xp per session, plus rewards for creative/good RP.  i often pull aspects out of FATE system to use in almost any other system (i hate fudge dice, they just don't alter the results enough for me to be interested in rolling... and i LOVE rolling dice!)


...i love talking systems and game theory.

there is a lot of really good resources for this out there. check out robin d laws "Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering" 

also, tons of podcasts.  some of my favs: fear the boot, NPCcast, walking eye, order 66, jank cast

if you're interested in a textbook quality history of DnD (and wargaming, fantasy/scifi...) check out "playing at the world" by jon peterson. so. freaking. good.

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