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A live before the Inquisition.

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// This is a back story for my newest character i though some people might like it so i will post it here.

//My knowledge about the 40k universe is not to deep so please explain thematic or factual mistakes.


The first moment i can remember in itself is one that would probably make others lose all their faith or even their mind. A memory so grim it would make people fall to heresy or chaos.

Seeing a long spiked axe rip open the intestines of my Mother as she tries to get me to safety.

The spikes ripping open her skin cutting through the mussels behave and then ripping out and stretching her bowels till they finally just tear apart spraying blood all over the wall.

She gets thrown around by the power of the impact and a fed drops of blood run down her mouth. Her face looking at me at the moment she realises that she can't save her own daughter.

I still remember the sound it made as her organs were splattered against the walls.

But just as her eyes start to dim there is a last flicker of hope as she sees something behind me.

A bright reflection in her eyes as she pushes me away defying death for another moment.

Her hands loosen as she throws me toward this unseen person.

And then a hard hand wraps around my waist.

Catching me and pushing me against a metal plated chest.

And as this is the reason why i will never lose my faith.

Why i know the emperor watches over all of us.

The sound of a Bolter going off next to me. Nearly deafening me but just a split second the explosion was even louder. The Bloodletter that had attacked my mother was missing his head.

It had just been vaporized by this incarnation of the Emperor.

My mother's last words were just a nearly silent whisper. And yet i heard them loud and clear.

“Tremble before His majesty”

And a soft voice behind me answered.

“for we all walk in His immortal shadow.”


The chances for my rescue seemed so slim and yet the emperor had held his hand over me.

A Sister from the Order of the Golden Light had saved my life. In fact a ship commandeered by the Adepta Sororitas had by pure luck found our ship. A fully armed combat squad of them were now searching the ship for any more foes. Thus they came too late for the rest of our ship they saved my life. I was just about 3 years old at that time. No one really new and there was no one around to ask anymore. But there was nothing to be found on her body that could have helped identify me. So i was named after the hell of a ship i had been rescued from.


Not only did they take me aboard their Cruiser. But also i got raised amongst and by them. They all were like mothers to me some harsh some soft but all of them were looking out for me. But the most important one was Sisters Minerva the woman that angle send by the Emperor himself to save me. As i grew older she allowed me to take on her name and to my death i would honor him. It turned out soon that i never could join their ranks for i lacked the Strength or Toughness needed. But i still served them as best as i could all across the ship. Learning a lot about the Cruiser i now lived on. From the sound its engines made and the little vibrations coming from them while traveling the warp to the giant batteries of lancer weapons on each side of the ship. Over time i became some sort of mascot to the Sororitas. I was even involved in the ritual they did before leaving the ship each one of them walked passed me as i stood there stroking my head as they leave. As i got older and since i lacked any other qualifications it became my duty to take care of their gear. Oling the power armors and the rower Swords. Refueling the flamers and cleaning the bolters. They taught me as well i learned to read and write had to memories all the saints or learn the history of their order.Sometimes i was even allowed to train with Minerva not that i was any good compared to her but i think she had fun with it. My life aboard their ship was one of hard work and devotion but still i enjoyed it. If we had some free time they told me stories about past wars or even about the things they hunted and the demons that laid behind the wall of this reality.

But this peace i had among them should not last.


I was about 17 and the day that everything changed for me began like most others as well i had prayed and eaten my breakfast with the Sisters. I was just in the Armory putting on the holy oils on a power armor as i heard the sound. I knew what this meant a drifting ship had been spotted. The Sisters would go out and investigate look for the reason and if necessary purge the ship. I finished the breastplate i was just working on as fast as i could and just got done in time as it was needed. I left with the Sisters to get toward the docking port. There i stood like it was ritual by now seeing all of them in their shimmering golden armor going past me one by one stroking me about the head. As all of them had left i got back toward the Armory i knew i would have to get everything ready for their return. Surely the weapons would need cleaning so i prepared all the oils and my usual gear.

After i was done with that there was nothing i could do right now so i got back toward the docking port. And sat down there praying to the emperor for their success. It seemed like an eternity for me but finally i heard the sound of the doors opening. But the picture i saw was totally different from what i had expected. Instead of them returning victorious like always they had taken heavy casualties. Instead of the usual spreads of black blood across their armor there were marks of claws and impact marks on their. Red blood coming out of the holes bolters had ripped. More than one of them had to be assisted or even carried by her Sisters. I panicked as i could not see Sisters Minerva anywhere there were still three more missing. Towards my questions one of the only lightly wounded Sisters told me that Sister Minerva had covered there retread for this ship had to be destroyed from more powerful weapons that what they had with them. Then a yell coming from the docking port. Three sisters were running toward the door one carried another sisters over the shoulder. As they got close to the door the last one turned around and drowned the whole corridor in a breath of holy promethium. The doors started to close and just as they passed them they locked in place with a clank and you could feel the vibrations from the engines going through the hole ship.


These four that had arrived last had been hit even harder than the others. And Sister Minerva was unconscious and had been carried. The Sororitas that carried here was drenched in blood most of it was running down her shoulders and coming from Minerva without question. They hurried with me following behind toward the infirmary. They were much faster than me so as i arrived as well Minerva had been stripped of her gear and was laying on a bed. The room was filled with the sounds of other Sisters trying not to scream as they were operated on. The Sisters of the Order Hospitaller had all hands full at the moment  and so no one took really notice of me as i got closer to Minerva. The way she was laying there not really moving having her eyes closed i knew it was bad. The breastplate next to her bed showed a giant hole right in the middle.

I got a chair besides her bed and gripped one of her hands. They were already starting to cool down. Probably because of the loss of blood. Minerva was still breathing but the sound i could here was more of a rasping as you could hear the blood in her lungs. She had been given some medication to take away the pain but still her face was clenched. Even now she was suffering.

I started the usual prayer but she did not answer the words. I begged the Emperor he may help her. From accross the room i could see Sister Astrid as she was helping another Sister that had been shot in the leg if she was taking care of something like this there sure was no hope.

I begged the Emperor for her life i offered my own in return if he would just save her.

But instead of a direct answer i just felt something i had never felt or even heard of.

Then additional to that i felt a warmth on me and the room changed color. It was drenched in a golden light like the sun itself was shining right behind me. No one else seemed to notice it though. Then suddenly i could feel it. Minervas hand was still in mine but instead of just her hand i felt something else. It was as if i could feel Minervas true self. Not only her physical form but also her spiritual one.Not sure of what this was i continued my pleas to the Emperor. And then suddenly i knew what i had to do. I grabbed the combat knife that laid beneath her armor on a table next to her. With it i sliced off the bandage that had been put around her chest. The whole right below her breast was still bleeding heavy. But now i knew what i had to do. I heard the Sister Astrid yelling at me from across the room. It did not matter anymore. I dropped the knife besides the bed. Closing my eyes and grabbing Minerva's hand again. I said the words.

“Whisper His prayers with devotion”

and then it happened.

Now i knew what i did but back then i had no idea.

Not even a glimpse of how dangerous was what i did. My soul must have shined as bright as a star inside the warp. But i called on these powers. And i directed them towards Minerva's wounds.

I restored her Flesh. Regrew destroyed arteries. Mended her hemorrhaging Organs.

As the Sister Astrid got to me Minerva was already fully healed. I opened my eyes to see what i had done. And ended my sentence.

“for they will save your soul.”

Before i got knocked out by Astrid.


I awoke tied my eyes bound and my mouth gagged. I could feel the back of my head pulsing were Astrids blow had hit me. Also i knew there was someone besides me. Someone i knew just too well the smell of her blood was still in my mind. Minervas voice was quiet and without anger.

“Do you even know what you have done.”

I tried to shake my head. I could not it was tied to the bed i was on as well.

“You may have saved my life. And i am thankful for that believe me.

But you still put all our souls at risk.

Normally i would have shot you already.

But we all know you since you still were a pup.

We all believe you only had the best intentions.

And thus we will give you a chance.”

Her voice changed just a bit it seems to have a bit of sadness to it.

“We will give you to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and you will get a chance to live.”

I did not understand back then. I had no idea why she was talking about the Black Ships.

“Sleep now” she said as she began to leave the room.

And just before i heard the door shut and the look closed. A whisper from her.

“May you walk in His immortal shadow.”

At least they untied me after that since i showed no signs of aggression. I had to stay in my cell though something i could handle i just wanted to speak Minerva. But Minerva did not even want to see me before i left the ship. I left here a note that i am truly sorry and would miss her.


The memories after that moment are something i am trying to keep away for the most part.

Traveling aboard the legion of black ships was hell. I had not been sedated like the others since i had gone willingly. But still the aura of despair on this ship nearly broke me. Praying to the emperor all day long was probably the only thing keeping me sane. But even with this it took its toll on me and if the journey had been any longer i am quite sure my mind had been crushed like the ones of so many others. We reached holy terra after about a year just in time for me to keep my sanity but it did not went better from there. Leaving the black ships by shuttle we were brought to the Scholastia Psykana. A giant building so big its towers scraped the sky itself. But we were brought down underground. It took hours to reach the small cells we were then sat in. On small chairs we had to wait for just a moment before......

No i will not recall this.


It was a torture of the mind more than the body but not without. But at first no one told me what this had been. I was escorted out of the chamber by a guard afterwards and towards a small cell with a bed. In fact i was surprised about the size and its luxury with a own bathroom. As the evening came i heard a knock on my door and found a small meal outside on the floor. Thanking the Emperor for it  and then got to bed. In the next morning i was awoken again by a knock on the door followed by a meal on the floor. I wondered what would await me this day and while eating it my thoughts strayed towards Minerva what was she doing right now? I finished my meal and like last night i placed the empty table outside of my room. Then went on my usual prayers. They were interrupted a short while later by a knock on my door. It was a guard that stood there telling me to follow him. We walked for a short while though the corridors that build a labyrinth i could not have escaped if i tried. On a door that was unusual big we stopped it lead toward a small room in which two others were already waiting. Both were boys dressed in mostly poor rags like myself but looked a bit younger than me. They stared at me as i did at them and after a moment i heard the door fall into its lock again as the guard had left. So we stood there for a while no one talking a word just staring at each other. Then another boy was brought in this one as well younger than me but dressed much better than we were. He looked at us with the most arrogant smile i had ever seen. Judging me and the two others. Then just as he was about to open his mouth and talk to us the door opened again this time another poorly dressed boy and a group of other people walked into the room. We younger ones were told to stay in a straight line at a certain place as the others took formation around us. Inspecting us for a few minutes. As one of poorer boys wanted to ask was this was we were called to silence and only talk if we had been asked to. The others talked among each other but to quite to understand anything or make a sense of the few words i picked up. But it did not last long as the door opened this time a old man followed by a older lady walked in both were clothed in dark blue robes bearing the mark of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. They took a stand before us and the older man introduced himself as Headmaster of the Scholastia Psykana and master over the black ships. He told us that we all had been ranked by the tests yesterday and this small group was the highest ranking. I was quite surprised to say the least i knew that aboard the black ships had been millions of others and we were only five. Then the further split the group and told me to follow the other lady. We left the room and moved on to a smaller chamber beside the one we had been in this far. There i was told to undress and after a short inspection i got a new clothes. The old lady introduced herself as Katherina Arabella Gaya a member of the Council and only a level beneath the Headmaster she would personally mentor my training that started today. She told me about how my live from now till i finished the school would go. And in fact it followed this to the point for almost a year. Starting out in the morning with breakfast then i had some time for prayers and meditation. Usually i was then taken towards one of the training rooms and the group of the five of us learned to fight with the sword and the staff something i excelled at probably because i had trained with Minerva. On other days we were at the shooting range and taught to fight with different guns i was terrible at this and only just managed to hit the targets. Then after this physical training our minds were trained as well. We had to learn the history of the Imperium as well as of the Adeptus Astra Telpepathica. Supper was usually served while we were in one of the libraries and then we all prayed together in one of the chapels. On all of these tasks we were rated and by our personal mentors then given either rewards or had to do penance. Compared to others my scores were good other than the shooting i had to clean the shooting range almost every day and polish all the guns something i actually welcomed because it reminded me of my time with the Sororitas and Minerva. This training keep on mercyless. And it went on for almost half a year till we were ready to start the real training.


I was escorted from my chambers like so many days before but instead of going to the shooting range like it would have been normal we went a different way down into a way bigger room.

This room was mostly empty but in the middle there were some buckets filled with water and some with sand. I was not sure what this would mean but i did not have to wait for long as the others appeared one by one and we questioned it together. Only as Constans the boy that at our first day had seen so arrogant came in we could solve this riddle. He knew immediately what our test today was we had to lift these buckets with the power of our mind. He came from a noble family on some distant pleasure planet and had shown psychic skills even as a child so he was prepared for all of this even before he had been picked up by the black ships. At first he had been quite arrogant to us especially to me but after i beat him regularly with both the sword and the staff he had become a lot more friendly sometimes even helping me out. I suspected he had a crush on me but to be fair there was not a lot of choice to be had in this school we were seperated by all others and the only people we had regular contact were our teachers and the group of us. As he was in the middle of telling us what powers he had shown as a kid lady Gaya entered the room and we all went silent. She told us that we would start with an easy task for today we had to lift these buckets exactly one meter above the ground and then sat them back down. Constants immediately finished this task the others got it done in a few minutes as well.

I failed completely.

I could not feel the bucked with my mind nor could i lift it. I was told to concentrate and the others gave me advice on how to reach out with my mind. I did not even understand what they were talking about. I just could think about all the stories about psykers that had been the cause of terrible events summoning demons or other chaos spawn. This was heresy why would they even teach me this. Sure i had read about the things the emperor had managed to do with his mind but he was a god and i was just a mortal who could i resists the perils of the warp.

This day i cleaned the training room and many after this to come. In fact i saw what the others were able to do in the smallest amounts of time after a few weeks they could control flames or lift masses not even a servitor could have moved. And i still could not even lift a grain of sand.


Gaya was as confused as i was never had she met a psyker with powers like mine that was just not able to use them. And thus began the horrors.

I was escorted down to the cellars i had learned to fear once already. I was led into one of the small chambers and told to sit on the chair. I already knew what would come next still i was not prepared as the shackles locked in place and needles shot into my body i could nothing do that scream. Then the burning sensation starting at where the needles were continuing from there setting my body aflame. As it reached my head it was like i was on fire my whole body was screaming but i was no longer able to. Then the pictures and voiced started. I could hear screams in my head and see pictures of people being tortured or already dead there was no way of closing my eyes it was all in my head. The feeling of being skinned alive while having a flaming knife cutting parts out of your body was nothing compared to the pictures and voices. I tried to focus on my prayers to the emperor that he might save my soul from this but it only helped a little. Finally it began to dim down the voices became quieter and finally stopped the pictures faded away as well. I still could not move my body but i knew from the last time that this would end soon together with the burning pain in every cell. As it stopped and the needles left my body again i could hear the snapping of the shackles away from my body leaving me free to go. But as the door opened it was not a guardsman that entered instead it was a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus that told me to keep sitting. He did something behind my back and after some time left the room again. A moment after this the whole process started again with the shackles being locked in place.

It took him three more times before he came in and told me to get up. But instead of letting me get back to my room he lead me to a chamber of the same type just down the corridor. There i got told to take place again and the shackles locked in place and it started again. By now i had no longer the power to scream as the needles pierced my flesh. But i had to endure the procedure there was no chance to get free. In this chamber after the first test another Adeptus appeared they now worked together on the chair but it seems they could not find anything. The torture continued three more times before the door opened again this time it was the Headmaster himself entering the room. He told me to follow him and we changed to another room another time. I did not know say a word against it in fact i just could not i was physically at the brink. As i collapsed at this chair i was so exhausted i could not even see clear anymore. Then came the shackles i already knew too well and as the needles pierced my flesh i fell unconscious there was just no power left in me to do resists all of this again. I was awoken shortly after to a loud noise of an explosion followed by shattering glass and a short scream of pain behind me. The person could not have been harmed bad though then just a moment later you could hear dampened curses. I still was too exhausted to really see clear but i could see a scheme moving into my field of vision. I guessed it would be another of the Mechanicus to check this chair again.

But instead it was the headmaster he had a small device in his head that lighted up his face from below as he was reading the display. I focused as much as i could but i could not really make out his expressions it was just too blurry. I was told to get up and get back to my cell with these words i noticed that the shackles this time had not been snapped back in place but instead were bent open from the inside. I could never have done this this there was massive metal no way even the strongest men could bend this with bare hands. But still they were destroyed for good and the room did not look much better glass had been shattered and the machines that filled it behind the chair were all destroyed probably being the cause of the explosion. I tried to get up but i just could not i had no strength left i me and the task of standing up brought me over the edge again. Instead i fell into a deep sleep from which i awoke to the hammering on my door. I felt that time had passed but there was no way in saying how much. The hammering did not stop so i tried to get up something that needed a lot of strength so i guessed i could not have slept for long. As i opened the door lady Gaya stood outside she looked annoyed probably because she had waited so long. But as she asked me if she could enter i was surprised never had anyone asked me something here they all had expected me to just comply. I only had one chair in my room so after the question if she may sit down i gestured with a bit of a sorry smile to this one and i myself took place on my bed.

“Sure you are still exhausted but i wanted a word with you before the Headmaster gets here.

There is no question anymore in your powers the tests were right as the last one showed your powers are beyond even what we had imagined. But still we are not sure why you don't seem able to control them. My guess would be it is a mental blockade but it must be incredibly strong to hold back powers like that. In your own interest you should get rid of that otherwise you will become a bigger problem than just cleaning the training rooms.”

She paused there for a moment looking at me. I was still exhausted and my hand was shaking a bit also my breath was going faster than usual.

“In itself it is astonishing that you even survived this long no one has ever managed to get through more than three tests before you must have a incredible willpower. You better get back to rest and sleep a few more hours before the Headmaster gets here.” I layed back on my bed and i think even before my head hit the mattress i will already asleep. Like before i awoke to hammering on my door this time it sounded a lot more aggressive. I got up and opened it this time it was the Headmaster standing outside. He had a small device with him and seemed generally angry in a way i had not seen him before. He motioned me to get out of the way and sat down on the chair i had. He then motioned me to sit on my bed to which i complied as fast as i could awaiting for him to speak. “You have passed the tests it seems still if you don't get along with your training it won't end well for you. Your final test will be in about a year from now on better get a grip on yourself till then.” He looked at the display of his small device and his face seemed to get even more angry. “It seems that you have some friends outside that want to help you but if you don't show your skills within a year even they won't be able to help you anymore.”

I was quite surprised by this how could this friends be i never had know anyone in power my whole live. Not one person came to mind that had any rank worth mentioning or greater influence at all. The headmaster had left me alone and i was still pondering about this unknown benefactor of mine as there was again a strange knocking sound on my door. This time it was no one i knew outside but rather a small boy presenting me a letter. This must have been a mistake we were not supposed to receive communication from the outside but on the cover my name was written in big letters. I thanked the boy for his service and took the letter. It was quite an interesting thing and after it turned it around and saw the seal of the Sororitas i got even more confused. I did not really know any high ranking Sororitas that would have been able to send me a letter in here. I got excited could it be a letter from Minerva had she not forgotten me?

I opened it in a hurry and in fact it was from here. But it was not at all what i had expected it was quite short as well.


I have kept an eye on you but it seems that you are about to fail your tests.

If you do so your faith has been sealed.

Don't question the powers you had been given it was the will of the Emperor.


I was not only crying as i finished this short letter i was shaking. The first sign of live from Minerva for over 4 years and thus was her only message. I had seen her as my mother my friend and she had betrayed me like this. I could not believe it. But there was a slight glimpse of hope.

It must be the will of the Emperor either i prevailed or i would die as i should have back with my real mother.


The next year was one of disappointment and a lot of cleaning duty. I was still not able to lift even a single grain of sand while the others showed the most terrifying powers. In other categories it was not as bleak for me in our studies i did well and in the sword fighting lessons i was still second to none and after the year was even better than our trainer. Als my faith was surely the strongest out of our little group the others were quite lacking in this but i was in our shooting training. I still did miss most of my targets and only with luck sometimes hit it. I was cleaning the shooting range and our mental training room almost every day. But as of before these were not real punishments for me it gave me time to focus and pray. It even remembered me of my time with the Sisters of Battle but i tried not to focus on this because the memory of Minervas letter made me get to bringe of crying every time.


The after about a year we got informed that tomorrow would be our final test. A lot of other people would be there as well and we had to present our skills in the best manner possible. The Headmaster addressed me directly that this was my last chance and i should better finally get it done.


This night i found no sleep i was awake all night praying to the Emperor for guidance in this time of tests for me. I was still in repeating the litanies in my head as i got disturbed by a knocking on my door. On i had not heard in a long time.

Twice with each a longer pause then once short.


Only Minerva had ever knocked at my door like this. I finished the pheres and put on my hood as it was normal. I opened the door and stepped outside. There stood Minerva in her full Power Armor. Her rank had changed she had be promoted but i could not say to what i had never seen this sigil. But she did not even look at me. She stood behind the head teacher. He looked at me shortly then turned around leading the way. Minerva followed him and behind me another Guard made sure i could not leave. This was surely new but not unexpected for this was our final day one way or another. This time we did not go to one of our normal training rooms instead we walked for quite a while and then got in a small room that as i knew by now was next to one of the big representative halls. Minerva and the headteacher left he motioning to me to stay here. It took only a moment and my fellow condiciples showed up. We all waited for a few minutes in this room not one really in the mood to talk. Then we got called in by one of the guards and he motioned us to stand in a row before a platform on which a lot of people had taken place. About a dozen people all in different robes and armors had taken seats there. directly in the front even one of the legendary Adeptus Astartes all dressed up in a black power armor that made Minervas look like a childs toy had taken place. I knew some of the Sigils i saw from our studies others i had never seen before. Then i finally snapped with me this were the High Lords of Terra.


And we had been presented to them it was an incredible honor but still it scared me much more for i still knew i would fail my test there was no way other than this. In my head i started my prayers to the Emperor again as i heard the Headmaster talk a bit about how he was proud to present the highest ranking candidates to his fellow Lords. One by one we introduced us and we took on our place on our knees before this gathering of power.  


First he mentioned our test skills in the shooting and swordfighting then studies and faith.

Overall i was leading by quite a margin even if i failed shooting. This made me quite proud to say the least. But i was still praying silently as he told the first of my comrades to stand up and present his psychic skill. He became the task to summon a psychic blade. Which he did in the blink of an eye a small vibrating blade appeared in the air before him. The audience nodded and he moved back and kneeled again. Then one by one the others got called out to present their power create a fireball or a powerfull biolighning. Then only Constans  and me were still left he got called out before me and took place before these rulers of the Imperium. Not one bit of fear was to see on him in fact he even seems to have found his normal arrogance back. He got told to summon up a fire. He did not even nod and just closed his eyes.


Then suddenly the temperature in the room dropped.

I could see my own breath before me as i exhaled. Then Constans face started to twitch. His eyes opened but in them was pure terror. He twisted and turned suddenly changing the movement from moment to moment. I could hear a sound that must have been his bones breaking.

All of this only took a second or less.

Minerva together with the the Astartes were the first to draw their Bolter and aim at him. But even before they could shoot he was upon Minerva. Moving faster than it should be possible. He got to her and ripped out her arm. Not even the Astartes was fast enough to react to all of this.

The thing tore it apart Minerva like it was nothing. Tearing apart her Power Armor like paper.


Tremble before His majesty, for we all walk in His immortal shadow.

These words ran through my mind.


Time slowed down. I could see the drops of blood flowing through the air nearly staying there in space.  Pure emotions surged my brain. I could not let this happen.This was heresy he was possessed by the demons of the warp. I had heard of this so often. But i could not let him kill Minerva this was the will of the Emperor i felt it clearly. And suddenly i felt this surge inside me like i had felt as i saved Minervas live. This white light inside myself pulsing and radiating.

Reaching out for this creature that had attacked Minerva i started feeling the blood inside its body. Then i made it explode every single blood vessel at the same time. Under its skin i could already see the the vessels expand and glowing in a slight red but even this movement was slowed down to near zero. My more important task was still not completed.

There was a Bolter Shell mid air flying towards Minerva in slow pace. I stepped over to Minerva and gripping her arm out of the Air.It was like it had no weight at all even though i knew the armor on this alone was heavy like a block of steel. I focused on Minerva and her body moved through the air at my will. I layed her down in the middle of the room on the ground.

Stepping beside her i heard a sudden gush as the heretical creature exploded and the Bolter shell dug into the wall behind me just to explode there.


Time had proceeded to take its normal flow. But i still knew what to do. I could still feel the light inside me. Minerva was bleeding heavy her blood drenched my robe already. I whispered to her.

“Heed his wisdom” And at my will the bleeding stopped. Placing her arm against her shoulder and letting the flesh grow together. Bone attaching to each other veins and tendons growing whole. “for he will protect you from evil.” i finished my sentence. All of this took only a second but then i got hit.

Literally. In the Shoulder. The impact threw me across the room.


“STOP” a woman yelled. It was a woman dressed in red armor and with the Sigil of the Inquisition upon her. She stepped toward the guard that had shot me and at the move of her hand he was thrown against the wall. The Inquisitor looked at me and then at Minerva.Then he turned to the Headteacher.

“Did you not say this one had been an error.

Did you not say this one was not even worthy of the use at the throne.”


The head teacher seemed confused. He looked at me.

“She never had shown any strength at all. She could not even lift a grain of sand.”

At this moment Minerva rose. She was covered in blood not only in her own. But also part of the exploded corpse that was currently placed all across the room.

“I told you this one is special. Her Faith runs deep and her powers are strong.”

The Inquisitor turned to me again. “She is mine from now on.”

The headteacher rose with pure anger on his face.

“How dare you she has not passed her tests.”

“I say she has passed.” The Inquisitor replied short but with a voice that simply did not allow any opposition.She addressed me and told me to follow her. I could not move. The shot had destroyed my shoulder. I was bleeding heavy and as i tried to rise i just moaned in pain. The Inquisitor did not accept this it seemed. She stepped over to me and pulled my arm that was hold there just by little a little flesh. I could not see clear anymore.

“If i tell you to follow me you will follow do you understand.”

I tried to nod and the pain nearly made me scream.

“Why don't you heal yourself.”

But instead of an answer the dark just swallowed me and i fell unconscious.

I awoke for a short moment in the arms of Minerva as she carried me behind the Inquisitor.

But i fell back into darkness soon after.


I finally awoke in my cells bed.

My shoulder was healed like nothing had ever happened. If it was not for the fact that i was laying here in my blood drenched robes it all could have been a dream.Laying there for a moment focusing my mind. Then i rose i was thirsty and just as i sat up i noticed the person sitting in the corner of my room. It was the inquisitor. She looked at me directly. Focusing on me.

“You will work for me now.“

It was a statement there were not point it arguing. I nodded.

“Why did you do this yesterday.”

Her tone was a lot softer now. Yesterday, had i slept a whole day?

“I am sorry My Lady i don't understand the question.”

“You must have known that your death had been was certain.

No one believed you were able to do even the most minor of powers.”

“I am sorry My Lady i still don't understand.”

“The evaluation said you have exceptional psychic powers.

Still you can't even lift a grain of sand on command.

I don't know yet was this means but i recon that you will be of use to me in the future.”

“Sorry my Lady. But i still don't understand.”

“They told me your faith in the Emperor is of a rare strength and this i don't fear for you to become a real problem. You will be send into the Calixis Sector and then serve Inquisitor Malgar. He is a busy man so for the most time you will probably deal with his prime Interrogator. You will report any unusual happenings directly to me. Have you any more questions.”

Well i did not know what to ask at this point. Then one thing came to mind.

“Yes my lady is there a way for me to see Sister Minerva again?”

“I don't think there will be a way for you to see Prioress Minerva for she has other duties. May the Emperor guide your path.” Then she left my cell with one last judging look at me. I went to my bathroom to get a sip of water still thinking what just had happened as a familiar knocking on my door interrupted me. Twice than once short.


I sprinted to the door to open it. Outside of my room stood Minerva this time without her armor and only in a plain black robe a hood covering her head but i still knew it was here.

“May i come in Novice” she asked formally.

Of course she was always allowed why did she even ask i was a bit confused but i just stepped aside and motioned her inwards. She took place on the seat that had just a minute ago been taken up by my new Master. As she sat down she removed her hood. I had closed the door and sat down on my bed right beside her. Sure she would start to talk and i was in no place to ask any answer of her even if was burning to hear them.

“All these years i feared for you.” she started.

“I knew what a trip on the Black Ships can do to a person but i had no idea what they would do to you here you have to belive me on this. Sure i knew that each new novice would be evaluated but i had no idea how before i send you away.”

She paused looking at the floor. There was a sadness to her voice.

“I kept track of you as i got higher in rank. After all i was owing my life to you. I heard of your initial evaluation and the test over and over again. I forced them to keep at your training even called in some favours. All this time i was praying to the Emperor that he might keep you safe.” her voice had not changed. I reached over to her hands that she had placed on her thighs. Grabbing them and holding them in mine. She still was not looking at me directly only at my hands. “It was the right choice it all was the will of the Emperor.” Her head moved upwards. And now for the first time since the day i first had saved her i could get a good look at her face. Here eyes were changed no longer did they have the natural blue but instead they were silver like her hair probably implants. Other than that she had not changed a bit.

“You did nothing wrong” i reassured her and her face lightened up a bit.

“Just promise me that you won't ignore me again like you did back then.”

“I will try my best but i now have a lot more responsibilities than back then i got to lead the whole Order of the Golden Light.” she replied. Her hands had now grasp mine as well. This was all i had hoped for so long just knowing that she would still accept me. If she could and the Emperor itself had shown me how to save here twice i sure could deal with it myself.

“I will probably have to leave soon as well heading towards the Calixis Sector. But i will always keep your memory close.” She smiled now. I kneeled down before her and kissed her right hand as it was common for a Sister Prioress. Then i stood up and just hugged her. “I missed you so much.” she whispered in my ear.


The next day i was awoken early by a guardsman that brought me not only my new clothing but also was to escort me aboard a ship to the Iron rings around mars from where i would travel to my next target aboard a ship of the Inquisition. It would take me toward the Calixis Sector. The ship that were to bring me to Mars was a common transporter filled with mostly Pilgrims it had no warp drive so the travel would still take a few days. I shared my quarters with a group of female priests from the order of the Sisters of the Void. A order i had heard a lot about back when i was still on board of the sororitas ship. This cult was one that helped all people to deal with the long travels throughout the void. They were back on their way back to Calixis as well having just made the travel to Holy Terra. We prayed together in the nights and i came with them as they were looking after the other people on the ship.

For the first time in so long these strangers were gentle and kind to me.

As we reached the Iron Ring and a minor officer of the Inquisitorial cruiser came to greet me. They were still with me he extended the offer that they might come with us since it would cut down their travel time in half back to their homeworld. They were pleasantly surprised by this and thus we continued our fight onward together they again shared the same room as me and i got quite accustomed to them.

Their presence at the night and our praying together made the tests i had to endure aboard the Inquisition vessel bearable. I had to stand trial and answer all kind of questions most of which i did not even understand. Then there were the tests were i was put in a small room and chained to a chair. That reminded me a lot of the chambers of terra but this time compared to back then the pain was only a small glimps. This rhythm of prayer then interrogation again prayer got on for days but in the end they seemed pleased with the answers i had given and it stopped. I spend more time with the Sister of the Void accompanying them in their daily routine. Over the travel we helped the people aboard the ship where we could i even managed to heal some people even it was just minor injuries. At all times i now felt the guiding hand of the Emperor above me. The Sisters of the Void left the ship as we reached Scintilla but they had left me one of their robes behind that i took up proudly. From now on i would live by the code of the Sisters. Helping people across the great travels of the Void sure was something i felt the importance of having been a victim of its dangers myself. Getting closer to a for now still unknown destination we had picked up a few other acolytes onboard maybe i would work with them.

Finally i got my first mission notes. Send by the Inquisitors Interrogator Karpath me and a group of 4 others should investigate some object that had crashed on the planet Segmatus.

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