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Question on Career/Open advancements in 2nd Career

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Say I am a coachman and have got my dedication bonus and I have just moved into the career Engineer. I am 17xp into my character, and have now gained another 4xp to spend (21 xp character)

I can take 1 General skill, and 3 open career advance skills.

Advanced skills need to be acquired before they can be trained. I already have Dwarf engineering acquired due to racial for dwarf from Zhufbar. I also have education acquired as a non career advance when I was a coachman.

So now as an Engineer.

1 xp So I take General skill, Tradecraft. I have acquired it.

1 xp I train Tradecraft to rank 1.

I am now a rank 3 character.

1 xp I train Education to rank 1
1 xp I then train Dwarf engineering to rank 1

This is the question I have, can you acquire Tradecraft  and train in same rank? or do I have to wait until Rank 3, then train it.
And if you can is it one advance or 2 advances? For the purpose of heading towards the 10 advances you need for next career.

I hope this question makes sense.

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You can only TRAIN any skill once per Rank.


The rules clearly state that Specializing a skill doesn't have that restriction (per page 43 of the Player's Guide), and can be done even if you've already trained that skill this rank. That page doesn't specifically mention whether or not the restriction extends to Acquiring an advanced skill, so I'll admit it's a little unclear. However, page 21 of the Player's Guide makes it clear that Acquiring and Training are not the same thing, which then implies to me that the restriction on Training doesn't also restrict Acquiring. 


It seems to me that the point of the rule (the "spirit of the law") is to limit the number of yellow dice a character can roll. Yellow dice are the best dice in the game. Since Acquiring and Specializing don't give you yellow dice, they probably don't need to be restricted by rank. I would absolutely let a player at my table Acquire and Train in the same rank, provided they had two Skill Advances available.


That said, if I was playing at the game and the GM ruled the other way, I wouldn't give him or her any grief over it at all. While I feel there's a logical conclusion to be drawn from the text, it's not as clear as it should have been, and that leaves it open to GM interpretation.  Your GM is the person you should be asking.

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Think some confusion to my question. I am so bad at writing. My Gm is fine,



Does anyone know how advanced skills recording works when not in character creation?

In first career in character building it costs 2 skill training opportunities. This is fine.

I know it costs 1xp to aquire it if a career skill, and 1 xp to train it while earning xp. This is fine.


But its the writing it in the career advancement part of the character sheet that has me confused.

Is it two open advances? Am i using two advances to train 1 skill, out of the 3 skill advances i am allowed. ? If so, gee advanced skills suck.



The rulebook mentions you need to acquire it before you can train it. But the General Career Advances part of the character sheet only mentions training skills or getting specializations, nothing about the acquiring a skill being listed as a recorded advance.

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Acquiring a skill is NOT the same as training it.


As far as how much it costs, that depends in whether it is a career skill or not.  Regardless, acquiring a skill is NOT the same as training it, and would therefore not fill in the general advance slot.


If it was a non-career skill, acquiring it would fill in the appropriate number of boxes under one of the Non-career advance lines.

If it was a career skill, acquiring it would require filling in the Open Career Advance lines on your sheet. It would technically not count as your one 'mandatory' Skill training slot, so you could not use that line. However, I personally don't think that it would be unreasonable to allow it to fill that slot either.


Of course, since acquiring is not training, you could spent an Open slot to acquire it, as well as spend another XP to Train it (thereby filling the Skill Training slot too).

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For career skills, the advances are spent in different lines. I rule that if you spend an advancement in a skill, you can take the general skill training line, even if you are just acquiring it. But you could also take an Open Career Advancement - that's your choice, or the only option you have if your GM rules differently than I do. It's not a problem, because you don't have to follow any order in marking the different lines in you sheet advancements. So you mark one line to acquire it, and another line to train it. And that's it.

Did it help?

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