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My Descent into the dark

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My paintings, conversions and babbling about Descent 2nd Edition. Never played the 1st Edition, but I bought the Conversion kit and I'm slowly adding proxies to my collection of monsters, lieutenants, allies and tokens.


My first conversion was the demon lord from the original 1st edition box. These are the original miniatures:


My conversion was something like WotC meets Wizkids, since the body belongs to a WotC D&D miniatures Eviscerator and the wings belongs to a flying steed from Wizkids Mageknight 1st Edition:


The painting was done very fast and without any kind of time consuming detail. I pretend to paint and play Descent with more than 200 miniatures and I'll want to give more time and detail to heroes, lieutenants and allies.



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The Manticore - One of my favourite beasts. But I really didn't like the Descent miniature. I created my own. This is the original from Descent 1st Edition:


My manticore is again a joint venture from WotC and Wizkids. The bodies are from lions from D&D miniatures and the wings are from the flying steeds from Wizkids Mageknight.






I just assembled them and someday in the future I'll work on the painting. For now it's enough.
The base is made from strong cardboard with layers to make the original WotC base disappear.



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The Beastmen are from a group of Descent miniatures that I don't mind having a proxy. They don't move me at all. These are the Descent originals:






I used some D&D strange goblins to proxy the beastmen. I just add some colour to nails and horns and painted their bases.


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The original Deep Elf its an okay miniature. I really don't like the ragged looking cloak but that's minor. I do think about the Deep Elves in terms of a powerful culture and the mini looks like a loner, a misfit, an outcast. I would prefer another type of Deep Elf.


I used a mini from WotC, a Dark Elf Sargent, to proxy the deep elf. It's way more in line with what I consider a deep elf. Maybe a little larger than I wished, but until I find something more in line with what I want, I'll use these.




I will retouch some detais, as the sword and hair in the future.




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Another miniature that I don't really like that much. I don't mind to have a proxy of this one. Even if the proxy I used doesn't really meet my expectations. Maybe later I'll find another one.


The miniature that I'm using as proxy isn't exactly the one I wish. It's also a WotC D&D miniature. But I had it already so I've used it. Maybe if I find a better one I'll change it.



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The Hellhound is another sculpture from Descent 1st Edition that I found lacking of character. They seemed puppies with lion tails... But I never really saw one, just the photos.


I've always liked the D&D hellhounds. Their original painting is terrible so I had to retouch them a bit.



They do have a much more frightning look and demeanor.



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I would love to have the original trolls. But they are hard to find...




So I used these ones. They need some painting to make them shine like really scary trolls.




They're from D&D miniatures and for now they look a bit... dead.



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This is another casting that I don't consider that good. I gladly looked out for a proxy for this one.




The D&D fire giants were my second choice, but a good one. The miniature casting is fine. The painting is awful, but in due time I'll fix this.




A cloak made of a complete dragon skin is huge. I also like the sword.



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These are the first 2nd Edition models I worked on. I really, really dislike this model. It doesn't have the Goblin feel and it's very ugly. I was proxying the first edition models so I went on and also proxied this one:




I've used some D&D goblin models and I decided to use a different one as the master minion.




I find these much more in line with the game. I really hope that FFG keeps on doing quality miniatures for Descent 2nd Edition. But the Goblin Archers aren't good enough.



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Indeed! Thanks for your post.

I'm using the bones Kobolds, the Medusa, the Ogre chieftain and the Stone Golem as proxies. As soon as I paint them I'll post them here.


I was about to use the Giant spiders, but I was able to buy the original spiders and Nagas.


I'm still looking for Ice Wyrms and Wendigos. I would very much like to have the original Ice Wyrms. I love the miniature, but they're so hard to find.

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I don't want to start a huge debate or anything, but I'm just curious: What's not gobliny about the 2E goblin archers?


No problem with debating. I like debating if its done in a civilized way. :)

And this is only my way of seeing things:

I don't like the body proportions, it looks a larger human model reduced in size. I don't like the helmet. I would prefer the goblin head. And I don't like the quiver, too large and ugly.

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The Skeleton Archers are a must have in my games. Not only it is an archetypal monster as I do really love them. Always did in all the games I've played. I would like to own the originals from Descent 1st Edition, but they're so hard to find and expensive.




I had these Grenadier Skeleton Archers in a box, waiting for almost 15 years. Another project abandoned a long time ago. They were patient, my skeletons.




I was going to speed paint them, but I love Skellies, and so I took a little more care with them.




The Grenadier models are a bit outdated, but they do have a vintage beauty in them that I just can't dismiss. I painted them red/purple, as I will try to do with all the obvious miniatures, so that there is a aesthetics coherence in my monsters.





Living Longings


Your bones break like old roof tiles

Your clothes rip like sails in a sea storm

We bite your tender flesh with dry teeth

We smell old and buried - aaahhh - we are the dead.


Your music calls on us - stingy and avid

Your laughs hurt our empty chest plate

You are beverage for us and we are not thirsty or hungry

We wander endlessly - aaahhh - we are the dead.


We are a phalanx of bow and spear and axe

Corroded by time and oblivion and dust

We march towards your house and nothing will stop us

A locked door is a consolation - aaahhh - we are the dead.


We growl low a scary and undying sound

We wish your lips in a tight kiss

Our maxillae closes like a nutcracker

And your screams are bliss - aaahhh - we are the dead.


Some of us are mourned - but just for a short while

Eternity erases all human strings except one

We say we won't kill you if you truly love us

But we rip the heart from your chest without a thought.



We are the dead.........



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The original Crypt dragons do not fullfil my idea of dragons. Dragons are creatures of magic and woe. Unless they are undead, the idea of a dragon being tainted like a lesser creature and stalking crypts is demeaning. So I've searched for a miniature that would change the archetype but maintaining the role.




I got my hands on a pair of D&D bronze dragons and I darken them to give them a tenebrous look. They still carry a proud semblant but their small stature permits me to invent an aceptable reason for them to seek refuge in a place other dragons wouldn't visit.




I tried to maintain a dark oily painting to simulate the relation with the place they live in.



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The original Kobolds are funny and I like the idea of more than one per base, but I really have another vision about Kobolds. They are the sons of a lesser God. They have dragon blood, but no power. So they are inventive and organized. And they are legion. I couldn't find an unpainted image of the original so here it goes a painted one.




My models are from Reaper Bones. I've pleadged the Kickstarter and I'm so happy about it. These were perfect. In number, size and pose.




I love their serious look and tiny powerful pose.




They can return to the game in large numbers so I've painted 3 extra minions.




The red bases are for the 3 master kobolds. I chose one of each.



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Poor photo of the original Blood Apes. Although the figure has character, the miniature isn't so good. And I've found a very nice proxy.




These are D&D miniatures. I just added the red mane and based them.




They do great near a Descent Hero. One more group done, so many more to do...



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A counter is but a counter is but a counter, but a counter it is. So I replaced the counter with a miniature since everyone likes to play with the Necromancer.




So I used a MageKnight miniature to replace it. I really like this miniature. The original painting was awful and this photo brings the worst of my oxidation atempt...




The mini has the right size, and the simple sword-shield-cape gives it the quality to become a reanimate.




I've tried again, without flash this time.



Edited by Bayushiseni

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I love the original minis of the sorcerers. But alas! Hard to find. I couldn't find an unpainted image, so I chose this one.





I have these minis ever since Mage Knight first appeared. One would pop out every odd booster... They weren't great, but at the same time there was something unique in them. But of course, the original painting wasn't helping...




I will keep onusing the red/purple combination to create an unique line capable of binding the monsters.



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The razorwings. I like the originals, but I couldn't find them so I chose another type of mini. More human-like. These are the originals:




I used some Mageknight monsters to proxy the razorwings. They were ugly with a terrible painting. I chose human flesh to add to the horror.




The dark red hair, red eyes and pale skin gives them a dangerous look.



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