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Epic AH storage & customization - Part 1

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Arkham Horror is huge. I have a small table at home, and we can barely play 4 investigatores with the board overhanging. Many cards and tokens were stored on a chair to the side. Non-ideal, but somewhat functional.


A few expansions later, the table is clearly too small, so I make a modular felt table-top out of 3/8" ply and some hinges. Now we can comfortably play with an expansion board, and there's some room for card decks on the sides. The card decks are getting pretty big and hard to work with, especially sleeved!


A few expansions later, the decks are completely unmanageable, a solution is required.


I google "Arkham Horror storage solutions" and similar keywords and find great info and ideas, mostly here on BGG.
Image on this page captures the madness storing and playing arkham horror.
Plano boxes are light, sturdy and practical, but not very thematic..

All sorts of solutions:
Suitcase solution: elegant (love the woodwork on some!), but you have to play out of the box, so you need a 2 foot by 2 foot space on your table to put the box. Otherwise, you have to stack decks removing them from the suitcase, and we still have the unmanageable deck problem.. not ideal for me
Racks solution: great for gameplay, but storage solution is still required. Lots of wasted time moving decks from storage to racks and back again.

The Crafthulhu pieces seeded the idea of small stations for the location decks, and multi card sets for the smaller cards. Beautiful stuff, very practical.

The ultimate in themed AH storage and customization:
This is so epic... inspired the investigator picking scheme i used.


So, we've laid out the problem, and the sources of inspiration and how something else had to be devised to streamline AH storage, setup and gameplay on a smaller table. We'll see how that was solved in Part 2, and the overactive creativity that led to way too much customization in Parts 3 through 6.

Part 2

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