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How to play a quick game of WFRP3 in Google+ Hangouts

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Why?  To play WFRP3 of course!


You can use Google Hangouts, Neil's WFRP3 dice roller, and ROll20 to play a tabletop game of WFRP3.   Here's how:

  1. Go to Roll20.net, create an account, and then create a campaign
  2. Launch your campaign and then click "Launch in Google Hangouts."  Do not invite anyone yet.
  3. Log into your google account (or create one first)
  4. Open Neil Foster's WFRP3 dice roller and click "Open in Google Hangouts" on the bottom.
  5. Re-launch your campaign in Google Hangouts on the left "apps" bar.
  6. You're ready to go!


Other helpful hints:

1.  Initially you will have both the Roll20 and the WFRP3 dice apps open.  You close the Roll20 window by clicking on the 3 lines on the right of the window.

2.  Here's a how to for google hangouts.


Pix will be up soon.



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