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Edge of the Empire Movie Inspiration

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In another thread, I suggested Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the Young Guns/Young Guns II duology as good sources of inspiration for what can happen when group Obligation gets too high. I'm sure that only scratches the surface of what you could get from a Western.

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Firefly and Serenity are the obvious choices. But I think most decent westerns would have much of the same tone as an EotE campaign. Silverado is a good example of what happens when lots of different Obligations come home to roost at the same time. Tombstone sets a great tone for a frontier community vibe. Even goofier stuff like Smokey and the Bandit can give some ideas for the sort of trouble a group of smugglers can run into on their way across the stars.

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It's been a few years since I watched it, but 5th Element's setting is good for the Core Worlds.


Found this list in a google search: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_set_in_the_future

But it's not very good, it's merely a list of films based on the fact the film takes place any time in the future of when the film was released (Transformers 4 is there, said to be released June 2014 and set in 2015).... so ya, not the best list, but it's a nice and long list.

I went through it, but I didn't see a lot of those films, so I couldn't tell if they were good examples or not.

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  • Casablanca
  • Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  • League of Gentlemen (UK 1960-ish crime movie...NOT League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
  • Ocean's Eleven
  • Blow
  • Outland
  • Paper Moon
  • The Godfather 1 & 2
  • Fistful of Dollars
  • Hang em High
  • Red Sun
  • Big Lebowski
  • Tombstone
  • Unforgiven
  • Italian Job (original)
  • Get Carter (Stalone)
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Payback
  • Man on Fire
  • Space Patrol (1954 tv series)
  • ... pant pant ...

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Anything by Kurosawa

Anything by Leone... especially the stuff inspired by Kurosawa

John Woo's older works: especially The Killer, Bullet to the Head, and Hard Boiled

Battle Beyond the Stars

The Quick and the Dead

Babylon 5

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Voyager

Stargate SG-1

The Ocean's 11 franchise

The Fast & Furious franchise (no, I'm totally serious! Especially the newer ones...)

Hustle (TV series)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel


Exactly what you find most inspiring is going to depend on the focus of your group. I feel like a lot of EotE groups might find Westerns inspiring (and I'm clearly not the only one!) or heist movies. In that sense, it's tough to beat Hustle and Ocean's 11, but F&F5 is a fantastic heist movie, too, and has the added benefit of being built around vehicles.


Someone mentioned Smokey and the Bandit, but I think a lot of Burt Reynolds's movies, as well as the TV shows they helped inspire -- Dukes of Hazzard, BJ & the Bear, etc -- might have some good ideas for smugglers.

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Indiana Jones films are great adventures, and easily translated into Star Wars universe (Force artefacts, Nazis=Empire). On the same vibe - Uncharted series (games), especially the second one. 

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Excellent suggestions so far folks.

I have most of the westerns mentioned here and others like Babylon 5, Casablanca, Leverage and Outland.

Are there any sci-fi movies you would suggest? Got a hankering for some spaceships and aliens.

Off to order Battle beyond the Stars :)

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Anything by Kurosawa


Okay, now I really want to come up with a Seven Samurai style one shot (or campaign introduction).



Seven Samurai is a classic that's been re-tasked to sci fi and Star Wars multiple times. Battle Beyond the Stars, of course. The first post-movie story arc in the comic had Han in that scenario. And Clone Wars did an episode in honor of Kurosawa (I believe for his 100th birthday).


But now you've got me thinking, too. I'm looking for a one-shot or limited idea to introduce my PCs to the mechanics of the game. This could be it...

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""alien", Aliens, Heat, Screamers, Escape from New York, Gladiator (players are captured and shipped planet to planet, forced to entertain Huts and core world aristocrats in death battles)

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You have come to the right place, my friend. I know all sorts of Star-Warsish exploitation and grindhouse flicks that are perfect for adapting. Movies marked with an (*) come VERY highly recommended.

While violence is a trademark of the Spaghetti Western this one really goes no holds barred with ears bitten off priests and citizens slaughtered with a machine gun, but the skilled pistolero with the army coat and the coffin are what makes this an awesome flick.

If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death
The character of Sartana is really badassed one, coolness easily on the level Han Solo. The plot is a little bit convoluted in placed, but the action is brisk.

(*) Rashomon -
Four witnesses tell a story of a **** and a murder, each from their own point of view. - Who is telling the truth? What is truth? Not technically a Samurai film (though it is a period piece), Roshomon is included because it's a textbook example of Truth from a Certain Point of View.

Seven Samurai -
A poor village under attack by a ruthless gang of bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves. Remade as the Magnificent Seven, Battle Beyond the Stars, or in the Marvel Comics run (#7 to #11).

(*) Yojimbo -
A crafty Ronin comes to a town divided by two criminal gangs and decides to play them against each other to free the town. Remade as A Fist Full of Dollars, and Last Man Standing.

Sanjuro -
The sequel to Yojimbo, where our scruffy, cynical Samurai aids a group of idealistic young men in their quest to clean up the corruption in their town.

Incident at Blood Pass -
The third of the Yojimbo series and Mifune Toshiro's last outing as the uber-Samurai Sanjuro Kuwabatake.

(*) Hidden Fortress -
We first see two bickering farmers (one short and fat, one tall) make their way through a desert. They stumble across an aged general protecting a princess on the run from an evil Empire, and get caught up in events much bigger than either of them imagined. Sound familiar? It should - and if it's good enough to inspire Lucas, it's good enough for you.

(*) For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly -
Although not a Samurai film, the last two films in the Man With No Name trilogy stay true to the nature and spirit of its Japanese kin.

Samurai Assassin -
Heavy in the 18th century Japanese politics, the movie follows a Ronin and his efforts to regain his rank and status as a Samurai. Tough to follow due to said politics, but a great look at what makes up a Ronin Samurai.

(*) The Lone wolf and Cub series -
Another character driven by vengeance, but the ultra cool way that our hero stoically deals with the insults of the bad guys, and the precision and minimum of movement with swing of this Ronin's sword make these films worth seeing. The series consists of Sword of Vengeance, Baby Cart at the River Styx, Baby Cart to Hades, Baby Cart in Peril, Baby Cart in the Land of Demons, and White Heaven in Hell.

Lady Snowblood 1 and 2 -
Not a typical Samurai film, and the character driven by vengeance is probably not appropriate for a Jedi mindset, but there are several cool training sequences scattered throughout the story.

Zatoihi: The Blind Swordsman Series -
There are a number of movies in this series, but the best one is Yojimbo vs Zatoichi, in which Toshiro Mifune reprises his role as Yojimbo!

Vanishing Point
This awesome carsploitation flick has Kowalski, a delivery driver who has lost everything and becomes a counterculture hero, leading the police on a crazy cross country car chase as he drives from Los Angeles to Denver in 15 hours in a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Textbook viewing for anyone interested in running vehicle chases!

(*) The Inglorious Bastards
No, not the Quentin Tarantino flick, but the original by Enzo G. Castellari where Fred The Hammer Willammson and a bunch of American misfit soldiers have to steal a  prototype V2 gyroscope from a speeding Nazi train. You need a hiest story, here you go!

The Guns of Navarone
Admittedly more of a suited for Rebels than free agents, but the story is pure Star Wars: destroy Nazi guns before they sink an allied fleet.

Assault on Precinct 13 -
A classic base under siege story and a **** fine flick. Easily adapted to any Star Wars campaign!

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Now I am also thinking about the original Chinese movie Infernal Affairs.  It was remade in the states with a bunch of actors pretending to be Irish people with a new name.  Set in Boston if I remember correctly.

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