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Battle of Hoth - Speeder Set - Glimmer of Hope on Main Page

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has some bad quality pics of the new sets and also text spoilers by superradjoe


Vaders Fist (Sith)

2 of
501st Trooper
2 Cost, 2 Health
Black Unit Dmg, White Blast
Character. Trooper.
This unit gains Blast while it is attacking a Hoth objective.

501st Legion
4 Cost, 4 Health
4 Black Unit Dmg
Character. Trooper.

E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
1 Cost
Enhance your play area.
Action: Focus this enhancement to have a target Trooper unit gain Blast until the end of the phase.

Battle of Hoth
Hold the Line (LS Neutral)

3 of
Hoth Rearguard
3 Cost, 2 Health
2 Black Unit damage
Protect Hoth

Coordinated Strike
Battle of Hoth
Unstoppable Advance (Imperial Navy)
5 Health, 2 Resources
Imperial Navy affiliation only.

2 of AT-AT

AT-AT Assault Formation
6 cost 4 health
1 black unit damage, 3 black blast
Vehicle. Walker.
Interrupt: When this unit is focused to strike, deal 1 damage to each enemy Hoth objective.

Orbital Resupply Station
1 Cost
Enhance your play area.
Reduce the cost to play each Navy Vehicle unit with a printed cost of 4 or higher by 1.

Aggressive Assault
2 Cost
Play only if you control at least 1 Hoth objective.
Action: Deal 1 damage to each enemy objective

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I don't have the cards but the pictures that were posted on my FB group were of a higher resolution than the ones on CardgameDB so I could actually read them.  The cards I didn't type out were already spoiled either here or on the Smugglers Den FB page

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