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Looking for suggestion on how to expand for a 6 man gaming group

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Im new to the Game of Thrones LCG but played alot of MGT before, I love the game so far but my group is bigger than 4 people. Im the deck bringer for my group and i want to make 6 fairly balanced decks (x1 for each house) or more. These do not have to tournament viable decks, look at it more from a boardgame perspective. Just want to gather a group play a game and have as much fun with it where luck and skill plays into it more than deck strenght. Would not be fun if 1 deck always demolishes the others. 
I have x1 Core set at the moment and im looking to expand alot to make this work. My question to you guys is: Which exspansions or extra sets would be the best for me ?. Could i make x6 fairly competitive and balanced decks from 
X1 Core set.
X1 Princes of the Sun
x1 Kings of the Sea
x1 Kings of the Storm
X1 Lords of Winter
x1 Queen of Dragons
x1 Lions of the Rock
Would this exspansion lits suffice to make x6 decks all at once, If not what do i need to add to it to balance it out and have enough cards to finish x6 decks. Would i need extra core sets or extra chapter packs or extra exspansions?


And before you say 6 player games take to longs, We're experienced Arkham Horror players, we have the stamina for 6-8 hour games :P


Thanks in advance R1klus!

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hi :)
I'm pretty new to the game, but I would say that you can easily make 6 +/- equally good decks with what you have.

My friends and I don't play tournaments (yet?) and each of us (we are 6 people) plays a different house, and every single one of us has the core set and the expansion for the house that we're playing, and nothing else. So far the decks seem pretty balanced because there has never been one deck that ruled them all, whenever we got together.


Also, nobody of us uses cards from the core set that were not part of the initial "starter deck", except that one card "Milk of the Poppy" (which is included 1 single time in the core set), so I would say that 1 core set is enough.


TL;DR? -> yes the core set and the 6 expansions suffice for 6 evenly fair decks!


I hope you guys will have fun :)




by the way, the expansion sets (all except Greyjoy and Martell) come with some free deck recipes, so you can inspire yourself a little bit!

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I think the expansions you suggested will provide a good starting point and then as you further expand you can tweak specifically to make weaker decks stronger. r


You will always have the situation where certain cards will be limited ( with 1 core ) that are desirable in ALL decks ( such as Valor ) but that is the nature of the beast.


With regards rules I would suggest following Tournament rules and the FAQ , I suggest this not for the competitive nature but the FAQ in particular is needed otherwise there can be some very over powered decks created which have no balancing.


Also from experience you will find in Melee the games are more enjoyable in 3-4 player as opposed to 5-6 player. I appreciate time is not an issue but actually the main problem is the mechanics do not quite seem right in 5-6 player as opposed to 3-4. By all means play this way to keep it all inclusive but you will find 3-4 player more rewarding.

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