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Untouchable powers WIP

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Hey everyone,


I made a Elite Advance / Career rank for one of my players who is an Untouchable.

The reason being that i wanted to make his Untouchable powers more like Faith/Psychic powers then just something from his background and create RP hooks for the party.

He would be getting access to these powers by a organisation know as "The Temple" a subdivision of the Culexus Temple.

This is all WIP and I would ask for any critique and help. Maybe these powers are to OP or too expensive / too cheap etc. ?


Aura of the Abyss. 100xp.

Prerequisite: Untouchable.

Every Perils of the Warp roll that a psyker has to make while in your Untouchable aura is resolved on a random Perils table. (Taken from the DH2.0 Beta and gonna rework it for DH)


Dangers of the Mind. 200xp.

Prerequisite: Aura of the Abyss.

A psyker rolling for Perils of the Warp adds +10 to his roll when in your Untouchable Aura.


Guardian against the Warp. 300xp.

Prerequisite: Dangers of the Mind.

In combat you may use your next Reaction to “absorb” a damaging Psychic power directed against a ally who is in your Untouchable Aura. Only direct powers can be absorbed.


Deny the Witch! 400xp.

Prerequisite: Guardian against the Warp.

The ultimate Untouchable power, by channeling the Void in your soul directly in a Psykers mind you are able to completely sever his connection to the Warp.

The victim must be Helpless for this power to work.

This power takes a lot of time, every stage takes between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on the succes of the Opposed Tests.

For every new stage that the Untouchable wants to force a new Opposed WP must be made.

Stage 0.

Make a Opposed WP test to force your way into the Psykers mind.

Stage 1.

The Psyker loses 1xWPB of random Psychic powers for 1d10 Hours.

Stage 2.

Lose 1 Discipline for 1d10 Hours.

Stage 3.

Lose all Minor Psychic Powers for 1d10 Days.

Stage 4.

Lose all Disciplines for 1d10 Days.

Stage 5.

Permanently lose 1 Psy Rating.

Stage 6.

Permanently lose all Psy Ratings.


Power of the Soulless.

Level 1:

Increase you Untouchable Aura by 5 meters. 100xp.

Level 2:

Add an additional 5 meters to your aura. 200xp.

Level 3:

Add an additional 5 meters to your aura. 300xp.


Thanks in advance for any help and critique ^^




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the untouchable can be a very annoying background especially if you are running the Apostasy Gambit since this group of adventure is very dependent on the warp and Psykers .  So be warned if you want to run these adventures since it can require a lot of changes to run them as a GM.


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