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Using the Minmitar Scout suit help

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My second character, I chose to use a super fast, super light Minmitar scout suit. Designed for close combat and wicked speed. When I first created the character and got set up with my suit, a scrambler pistol, and nova knives, I did positive most every game by being a stealthy ass guy running around, slicing up people or simply shooting them in the back of the head at close range. After my many academy battles, I started finally being able to really do battle with all kinds of enemies. Well, my kill/death ratio went from being 2.0 most games, to going about 1 and 5. So, what tips or tactics should I use as a galactic assassin? I upgraded to a better scrambler pistol, KLO version, although I prefer breach style, still with the first nova knives. I usually get a lot of war points from revives and hacking, because of my speed, but my kills are suffering tremendously. Other than simply flanking my enemy and getting behind him catching him off guard, how can I really become a better merc with an up close and personal attack style?

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