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Kings of Summer League - The Game, Sofia, Bulgaria

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After the huge success of our first AGOT league few months ago, we decided it is time to start a new tournament series, this time with a twist that allows new players to enter the league and not feel outmatched everytime they play with a more experienced player.

The first two tournaments in the league will be used to set the level of each player according to previous league participation and results in these tournaments:

  1. Veteran level - most of the previous league participants will be ruled vets;
  2. Advanced players - players that participated in some tournaments but never ranked in the TOP4 or just players that show potential but never participated in tournamets;
  3. New players - players who just started playing AGOT LCG.


Initial tournaments will be held on 20.07 and 28.07 in gaming club The Game in Sofia, Bulgaria.

(75, Krum Popov str. Sofia 1421, Bulgaria, +359897606919)


  • Beginner level players will be able to join the league and will not pay league taxes, but will not be able to qualify for the finals. Each new player will be rewarded a copy of the promotional Valar Morgulis if they pay the full league tax.
  • Advanced and Veteran level players will be able to qualify for the TOP4 finals and will receive additional rewards. Advanced level players will pay reduced entry fee for the league.

Handicap adjustment:
If participants of different level play one another, the one of lesser experience receives additional points. The "handicap" is +2 points if a new player faces a veteran and +1 point in both other cases (advanced vs. veteran and beginner vs. advanced). This should make new players more willing to participate, help build confidence and create memorable experiences!


The League will be played over four days, once each week starting from 03.08 (please follow our club's calendar for exact dates and start times). These four rounds will consist of four matches each and will lead to a final TOP 4 event on 31.08. On the day of the finals there will be a bonus round where players who couldn't have played in all previous event will have a last chance to make the cut.


Eqach round winner will be able to choose an AGOT LCG Chapter Pack; one of the participants in each round will receive a promo house card. Other rewards are available for the most active players and the finals - tokens, T-shirts and more, but these will be shown at later stage.





Players can join each round even if they do not participate in the league!


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