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Let's say I want to mix and match Origins...

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Hey all, new acolyte on the board here. 


So last night I was doing what any young man of stamina and charm would do on a nice free night - sitting in front of my Dark Heresy books and ogling at the assassin ladies in the GM chapter. 


But enough about me and my exploits.


I ran into a frustrating patch I wanted to bounce off you guys in case you have an idea/solution in mind:


I created a character and after some rolls, had in mind a Void Born Tech Priest, perfect for a group looking for someone who can handle a spacecraft (or ogle at the engine room), but here's the snag: I also took a shine to the Mind Cleansed origin in the Inquisitor's Handbook. I had the image of a grim former cultist who was "refitted" for service in the Inquisition, a penitent of sorts who begins by being detached and embracing his "reprogramming" but is slowly confronted with his sordid past by the wonderful Through a Mirror Darkly Trait that the Mind Cleansed have.


My problem is that I like both origins. I like the Void Born origins because of the mood of a person who was born on the doorstep of the Warp and became drawn to it's corrupting embrace, and I also like it mechanically because of the Traits (Shipwise and Void Accustomed, in particular) that make the guy perfect for any cell looking for someone who can handle a spacecraft or at least be right at home on board one while he tends to its needs and desires (machine spirits and all). 


I want to dance at both weddings somehow - I don't want to give up on the cool Mind Cleansed storyline, but I don't want to throw the Void Born Traits out the window, either.


Is there some way to curve this? To create some sort of gestalt ("Mind Cleansed Void-Born"?) or turn the Mind Cleansed into some sort of Template that can be fitted onto the Void Born Origin?


Thanks in advance to any replies!

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A fellow player in a friend's DH game had a similar quandary in that his character fit multiple homeworld origins.  His character was a Scum who spent his whole life in space smuggling xenos tech (void born) but also belonged to a wealthy family of similar smugglers (noble born).  I believe we let him purchase the Shipwise and Void-accustomed traits using some of his starting experience, similar to how most characters would buy Background Packages.


In your case, I'd suggest taking a similar approach: use the Mind-Cleased origin as the basis for your character, but spend some of your initial xp (200 seems like a good benchmark) to purchase those void born traits.  I suggest you do it this way rather than the reverse (void born with mind-cleansed backround package) because large portions of a person's identity are obliterated during the mind-cleansing process.  At the start of the campaign, your character probably remembers very little of his cultist past, though this could certainly change as the game progresses.  If the mind-scrub was not as thorough as it should have been, it might be appropriate to start with one or two applicable Forbidden Lore skills and some Corruption points.  Naturally, be sure to clear all of this with your GM before the game begins.


Sounds like an interesting character concept -- may the Emperor guide your dice, and may you always have plenty of Fate Points :D

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