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Aggressive Tag-Me Andy

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Hey all!  I've been commenting a lot lately on threads here and thought that I should post up one of my own decklists.
This one here is a very fast and aggressive Andromeda list based on resource denial and R&D locking the corp.
With 20% of the deck in your hand at the start, you can quickly build up cash.  Quality Time and Account Siphon are big drivers for this deck.
The goal is to get crypsis into play as fast as possible and build up an economy.  If at all possible you'll want the corp sitting at 5+ credits for the Account Siphon so face-check the ice on HQ the turn or two before you run is a good idea so the corp can't just dump off the credits.
I have managed turn 1 siphons before, but realistically a turn 3 or 4 is probably what will happen.  With your already high cash and the bonus from the Siphon you can kick off a Quality Time and quickly get hardware installed.
Datasuckers also are your go-to for dealing with dangerous and high-strength ice.  Use these liberally.  Hell if you have datasucker and desperado, running on archives 3 or 4 times to load up on tokens is great.
If the corp wastes their turn clearing the counters, more power and tempo to you.
Plascrete and Desperado should be the first you play.  I only have 2 core sets or I'd have 3 Desperados.  Special Order can probably be cut....because honestly, quality time is your tutor in this deck.
The second part of this deck is that you want to ignore all Tags....seriously, you don't care.  Get a Plascrete out early (you rarely need two).  Data Raven, Bernice Mai, Hunter, Midseason really don't care.
The biggest weaknesses of this deck would by a Psychgraphics NBN deck.  But playing the deck correctly, you should be able to keep them poor and R&D lock them to help prevent that from happening.
Another weakness is the one-of icebreakers.  You really don't want these in your hand.  Get them into play ASAP.  Things like Ichi, Archer, Rototurret, and Aggressive Secretary hurt a ton.  Do not let these surprise you.
Infiltration helps guard against secretaries, but the other ice should be easy to get around with crypsis and datasuckers early on.
Creation and Control will only make this deck scarier with Same Old Thing and Dirty Laundry.
Haven't lost a game yet with this deck.
Deck Created with Android: Netrunner Deck Builder
Total Cards: (45)
Event: (22)
Hardware: (8)
Program: (11)
Corroder (Core) x1 ■■
Yog.0 (Core) x2 ■
Mimic (Core) x1 ■
Resource: (4)
Influence Values Totals - 
 Anarch: 8 
 Criminal: 47
 Shaper: 7


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Yes, this is a Tag-Me deck with Kati and Bank Job.  With as aggressive as this deck is, the corp rarely has the credits or clicks to trash either (plus Bank Job is usually used the same turn it's played).


In 8 games, I've had Kati trashed twice (and then installed the second copy) and still pulled 24+ credits off of her over the course of a game.  She is also great at the beginning to load up just before you pop off your first account siphon and/or quality time.

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Probably replace Easy Mark with Dirty Laundry.


And the most likely ditch one Inside Job and both Inflitrations for Same Old Thing.

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Played today with the exact changes in my previous post.  The deck is absolutely brutal.


Tags are the weakness, though.  Definitely keep at least one plascrete in play with a large hand to avoid a double-scorch.  Psychographics is also an issue.  Surprisingly Closed Accounts isn't a huge problem as you can recover very quickly from it.


If you do take damage (including meat damage from PSF or from DRT), for the love of all that's holy take the damage to your hand rather than pulling from Plascrete or you risk getting whacked with a double scorch.


That was my one loss and it was due to me being an idiot rather than the deck being bad.


Keeping the corp poor is another thing.  You want Crypsis into play as fast as you can and use events + Kati to build up for an account siphon.


You want an account siphon by turn 3 if at all possible.


I did have a bit of trouble with an HB-ETF big-ice deck that kept me locked out for a while.  Once I got a pair of datasuckers out and got two tokens on each, I could bust in anywhere and use emergency shutdown to get rid of the annoying ice (Tollbooth, etc) and then keep the corp poor enough that they could not rez it.  The game ended pretty quickly after that.


Leaving Katie/Bank Job/Same Old Thing in play while tagged actually isn't actually a huge issue.  The corp usually can't afford to use the click and creds.


I 4 games, Kati was trashed once.  At once point I had 11 tags on me and had two Same Old Thing, Katie, and Bank Job in play and none of them got trashed.


The SOT was awesome.  Pulling off a Dirty Laundry and an Account Siphon from the heap after getting blasted with a Closed Accounts was stupid entertaining.

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What are your thoughts on Joshua B?  Seems like it would go good with the tagging, although 3 influence is a little steep.

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It's the influence cost that is a big problem, unfortunately.  Granted I've never actually run Joshua B. so I can't speak to it's in-game effectiveness, just theoretical.

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