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Some Lannister (Plot) questions

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Hi there,
I'm fairly new to the game and so far I'm enjoying it. My friends and I only play with the core set and the one single expansion set for our house, since we don't have the chapter packs here yet. As we play with this "restriction" I find it hard to follow some guides/deck builds since they often use card from chapter packs; so I decided that I try my own version of the Lannister Deck, and so far I'm pretty happy with it.


The main idea of my deck is to quickly get out Cersei (LotR) and overwhelm my opponent with intrigue challenges, but I found out that I have some serious problems against melee challenges, so I modified my deck so that it is no longer focused 90% on intrigue challenges (card like Bronn (LotR), Tywin(LotR) and Jaime (LotR) help me out with this).


But with expensive cards like Tywin, and the want to trigger his effect (claim 3 power if I win dominance while I have 4 or more gold), I often need a lot of coins to actually get me started and/or put some pressure out there. The main problem I see is that many of my plot cards don't have a good income value and that some seem to be suboptimal. Here is my list:


2/2/2 Mutual Enemies (No Melee Challenges this round with selected opponent)

4/3/1 Summoning Season (add character from deck to hand)

3/6/1 Frey Hospitality (player that loses an intrigue challenge, kills one of his characters)

3/0/1 Shadows and Spiders (must first win an intrigue in order to do a melee or power challenge)

3/5/1 Game of Thrones (my characters do not kneel for intrigue challenges)

3/4/1 Wildfire Assault (each players selects 3 characters, the rest dies)

3/3/2 Mutual Cause (No Power challenge this round with selected opponent)


I was thinking about replacing the last 2 plot cards because I often see myself avoiding Wildfire Assault until I really have to play it (because I often have 5-7 characters out) and because most of my intrigue characters have a power-symbol, so "Mutual Cause" seems a little bit useless, although it is pretty good against the Targaryen build with their "no intrigue, double power challenge"-Agenda.


So I was thinking about using these 2 plot cards:


5/3/1 Hear Me Roar (characters without an intrigue symbol get -1 Str)

3/3/1 All the Gold in Casterly Rock (Each Lannister location gives +1 income)


"Hear Me Roar" has a nice printed income, and the effect is pretty decent, and the other one can also help me out with my gold problems, since I play a lot of locations that don't provide bonus income.


So, after you having read this wall of text, what are your thoughts on the changes I want to make? Is Wildfire Assault a "staple" in every Lannister Deck, or can I play without it? Keep in mind that, for now, we're only playing with the Core an Basic Expansion Sets. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the location "Casterly Rock" (costs 3 and gives my unique lannister characters stealth), should I put it in? It seems too expensive...


thank you very much in advance, I hope for some answers!

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