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Help me come up with a couple of Dwarf decks for casual play!

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So, the title pretty much sums it up. I share the game with two friends and we each play exclusively with two factions (mine being Dwarves and Dark Elves), as well as a neutral faction (Undead for me). The rest of the neutral cards we've sort of split evenly.


I only play casually and I guess I have deckbuilding OCD or something, since I really want to make good use of all the cards I have. This means I have about 7 decks at all times of both factions (as well as a pure Undead one of course). I like the way my Dark elf decks work at the time - I find them varied, interesting and thematic.


But recently I've gotten really bored with my Dwarf decks, and don't really know what to do with them to make them as varied, interesting and thematic as my Dark Elf decks. I realize 7 decks is quite a lot since I really only have access to the Dwarf cards, and the only duplicate sets we've got are the Core set and Assault on Ulthuan. I counted 90 "good" first turn cards to provide power in the Kingdom (or Quest zone) and about 28 ones (that benefit more from being in the Battlefield, attacking or only in the Quest zone), so I think I could manage 6 decks without stretching too thin.


I guess the thing that bores me is the one-trick pony of many of the Dwarf builds I've tried (RTF, focus on Kazador, Tunnel Fighter shenanigans, obvious Greed/Self-burn etc.), and felt that they've become to static and unflexible. I guess that's what I get for playing Dwarves... :P


Anyway, I was hoping for some input on building more interesting Dwarf decks that take advantage of not so obvious combos or synergize in an efficient way that doesn't leave me with nothing to do between my turns. They don't have to be game-breaking or "Jack of all trades"-type decks just as long as they are fun and varied.


As stated earlier, I have at my disposal ALL Dwarf cards from the Core set all the way to the end of the Eternal War cycle (picking up Cataclysm in a couple of weeks most likely), with duplicates of all the cards in the Core set and Assault on Ulthuan.


I also have a limited number of neutral cards at hand (the rest are in use by my friends or otherwise in their posession): 3 x Armoury, 3 x Forge, 3 x Bottomless Mine, 3 x Blessed Enchantress, 3 x Contested Stronghold, 3 x Dawnstar Sword and 2 x Heroic Task.


My previous collection of decks included


a) a development-heavy Slayer deck,

b) a pretty standard RTF deck (nerfed by the restriction of the Dwarf Ranger),

c) a Grudge/Rush deck (Grudge supports, cheap units and damage boosting tactics and attachments, New Trade Route etc.), 

d) an attachment focused deck (Bugman and his rangers, cheap attachments, some control elements),

e) an Engineer/Hero deck (Kazador + Heroic Task with Dawnstar Sword attached = ouch),

f) a semi-functional Rune/Greed deck

g) and a failed ambush/development burning deck.


To sum it all up: what I want to be able to have is about 6 decks utilizing most of my cards, not having to rely on proxies, and feel that they are all more or less equally fun to play (with and against). So if you read all the way through that wall of text, any ideas on what I can do?




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That's the dwarf race for you,as immovable as the mountains and as slow too :)

You should try the new cards in cata which focuses on getting burned to get max mileage.

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Nice deck, Mixer! Does anyone know why the Slayers of Karak Kadrin don't have the Slayer trait? Has this been updated/errata and I just missed it?

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