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Advanced Technique against 'Terror Effects'

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Hi all,


I'm somewhat new to FF games but I've recently got up to speed on a lot of Arkham Horror games. I love Elder Signs especially.


I've beaten every Ancient One in ES: Omens but I still continue playing the game everytime I can spare a few minutes.


I found a technique last night that might "save" you from the deadly 'Terror' effects in certain Adventures.


First off, my apologies if you all knew about this already. I had no idea this would work and, after scouring the Help and Tutorial sections, could not find any mention of this technique in the game.


Here goes:


When you are faced with suffering the penalty of a Terror effect (i.e. you conjured one or more Terror glyphs and cannot complete a task), you can get out of this situation by using 'Lock' spells such as 'Wither' for example.


Once you lock all Terror glyphs, it 'neutralizes' the Terror effect and you no longer suffer the penalty and can go about deciding what you want to do next.


Remember that you need one Lock spell for each Terror glyph conjured or this technique won't save you.

Yes, I realize this potentially wastes precious Lock spells and eliminates glyphs, but if you're in a do or die situation (i.e. your investigator is almost dead or the Doom track is nearly filled) this bit of advice could save your behind.

Note: does anyone know if this technique is legal in the board game version of ES?



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