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3 players or more free-for-all battle

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Hi guys, just want to know if anyone came up with some good ideas on making BOW a 3+ players free for all game (no allliances).  Or if there's anyone out there who is eager on collaborating on making house rules for it.  I do want to make my own rules but I would like input from the community.


Issues in having a 3+ player Free-For-All

  1. Determining advantage and player turn order
  2. The amount of Order Tokens issued
  3. The amount of Command Tokens issued
  4. The Morale track

1.  Player Turn Order

Suppose it can go clockwise starting from the person who has advantage.  Only that the person who has advantage loses it in a tie during the Rally Phase to determine advantage.  Though if three or more players are tied then the player who already has advantage keeps it.


2. Order Tokens received

This is tricky, the BOW core set only gives 10 order tokens of each type.  So unless you go out and purchase another core set or self produce more tokens, this means that in a two player game the resonable max cap on order tokens received is 4.  Say you kept a green shield order token from the previous round over to the next.  You roll 4 dice to determine order tokens received.  Result is 4 green shields, meaning you now have 5 green order tokens, and the rare instance your opponent has received the same, using the full compliment of green order tokens, with none left over in the extra pile.  This doesn't really pose a problem in a 2-player game, you can even raise the order token cap above 4 by a couple.  But in a multiplayer free-for-all game this limit in tokens could cause a problem.  So unless you produce your own, there's going to have to be cap.  What reasonable cap would that be?  For now I have no clue.


3. Command Tokens Received.

Same problem as #2, there is a limited amount of command tokens which being 10.  Perhaps a 3 max cap in a 3 player game, but more players the tokens will become scarce.  So probably will have to find a substitute for having more command tokens.


4.  Morale Track

Morale is a very important system to the game, but it caan't function exactly the same in a 3+ player free-for-all.  Also there are only three house morale track, none for allied expansions, so one will have to be created for players exceeding three.  On a House morale track there are ten spots (2 - 11).  There's a few ways this can be played and my suggestions are these:

  • You can use one side of the track giving you ten spots or use both sides giving you a total of twenty spots.  You just flip the track when it decrease below #11 and turn over to the rout side (heads on spikes) starting from the top #2 spot decreasing back down.
  • Each player's morale track is governed independently from the others with their own spot tokens.  Starting position is #2 (on the non rout side if using all 20 spots).  OR  starting position is 11 on non rout side when using both sides,
  • In case where using the full 20 spots, the army is only in the green and below when on the rout side and may only Recover Morale in the Regroup Phase on that portion of the track.  The colours on the non-rout side are ignored.
  • When player A eliminates an enemy unit of player B, player A's morale rises accordingly while player B's drops.  Player C remains uneffected.
  • When Player A increases or dercreases morale through order tokens or by some other ability, opposing players' morale tracks remain uneffected.
  • If a player gets routed and eliminated, this terminates that player but doesn't end the game for the others unless that was the specific victory condition.

So what do you guys think?  Any input is appreciated.


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