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Tome of Excess Archetypes? Looking to finish list...

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I'm looking to complete this list before my book arrives and was wondering what the four similar descriptions were in the Tome of Excess.  Thank you for your time.


Space Marines Regulars

Champion:  A warrior and commander, leader of soldiers by either fear or devotion.

Chosen:  A consummate soldier and hard bitten veteran.

Forsaken:  An outcast from his former allegiance, a lone wanderer who joins other warbands out of necessity.

Sorcerer:  A Chaos Space Marine who has mastered the art of the psyker.


Space Marine Specialists


Alpha Legion:  Skilled warriors specializing in infiltration, deception, and guerrilla tactics.

Dark Apostle:  ???

Khorne Berserker:  A ferocious and fanatical warrior dedicated to close combat.

Night Lord:  A skilled Chaos Space Marine who delights in merciless violence and terrorizing his victims.

Noise Marine: ???

Thousand Sons Sorcerer:  Powerful sorcerers who view knowledge as the source of ultimate power. 


Human Regulars


Apostate:  An infiltrator and silver-tongued serpent, a powerful leader of the masses.

Heretek:  One initiated into the mysteries of technology rather than brute force.

Renegade:  A warrior who survives on skill of arms rather than brute force.

Pskyer:  An unsanctioned and chaos-turned psyker, extremely powerful and infused by the warp.


Human Specialists


Xurunt Frost Father:  A strong and daring leader of men from the primitive planet of Xurunt.

Chem-Hunter of Messia:  A dangerous mercenary from Messia with a predilection for drug use.

Flesh Shaper of Melancholia:  ???

Idolitrex Magos of Forge Polix:  Corrupt Techno-Magi who dedicated their lives to unholy research and experimentation.

Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix:  ???

Q'Sal Magister Immeterial:  Human sorcerer-scientists with a keen desire for knowledge in all forms.



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Shouldn't you be able to figure that out? They're iconic Noise Marines and Dark Apostles. That's pretty easy to figure out without looking at a writeup from a splat book. Google is your friend if you're a total w40k newbie.


Thought it was obvious I was going for the exact splat.  =)

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