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When did the space marines get ships?

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The strike cruiser would have a decent chance against most light cruisers (And a couple of Standard cruisers), though strangely the original pattern Dauntless is the one most likely to cripple it, though a lot of players preferred the Torpedo version.



More than a decent chance by my estimation. Because, while obviously there are point disparities with every combination, the Strike Cruiser being 15-35 points more than any of the Light Cruisers... But any way you look at it, it is a straight advantage for the Strike Cruiser.


So remembering that no ship as a weapon range longer than 30cm, and that Shields and Turrets are equal in all cases except the Dauntless, with its Turrets of 1, here's the exact Breakdown for armaments compared against Light Cruisers...


The 145 point Strike Cruiser possesses broadside Batteries of 4 on each side, its prow Bombardment Cannon (equal to, and arguably better, than a Lance) of 3, and a Launch Bay that can supply 2 Thunderhawk squads at once.


The 130 point Defiant class has prow Lances of 2, and two Launch Bays totaling 2. It's clearly outclassed in firepower.


The (120) Endurance has Lance broadsides of 2 each, and a prow Battery of 2, with 2 Torpedo tubes also on the prow. Not bad, but still can't hit as hard as the Strike Cruiser.


The (120) Endeavor is in competition with the Dauntless as the closest in firepower. With Batteries of 6 on each broadside, another Battery on the prow for 2, and rounded out with 2 Torpedos. But close isn't enough.


Lastly the (110) Dauntless provides the most punch at the cheapest package of all the Light Cruisers. With port and starboard Batteries of 4, equal to the Strike Cruiser, and prow Lances of 3. But without any launch bays or additional armament, it still comes up short.



Rounding off all this is the reminder that in every case except the Dauntless the Strike Cruiser is 5cm faster, and of the 5 ships listed above it has 6+ armour instead of 5+ on all sides. And being a Space marine vessel, it also averages +1 Leadership over the Imperial Navy.


So while the point values don't match up in any of the above cases, the other math proves that the Strike Cruiser outclasses all of the Navy's Light Cruisers. Why I also say it's no easy fight for any of the Navy's full cruisers (at which point the smallest point gap is about 35 above the Strike Cruiser).


(note: dice are random as hell of course, but when doing these little theoretical exercises, I always assume everything comes out perfect average. That is, of the 2 Thunderhawks a Strike Cruiser can launch, one of them will always pass the 4+ roll to stay. If 18 spare marines are shooting at something, I assume 12 shots hit, 6 wound against T4, and only 2 armour rolls fail.)

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