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a nice comeback in Exodus expansion

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I would like to share a tactic we applied as human players last night while playing Exodus expansion with Cylon fleet game board (Option 2), and I wonder about your comments about the talk we made, if it was still a valid play.

Characters in game order : Laura Roslin, Helo (Admiral), Felix Gaeta, Cally Tyrol (President), and Lee Adama (Cag)

We had resources around Fuel (4), Food(6), Morale(5), Population (7)

Laura Roslin was revealed cylon and rest four players were pretty human players, that we did not have any suspect, so we believed the other Cylon Loyalty card was out of the board at that time. We traveled 4 unit in 2 jumps and it was the time that we advanced for 3rd jump which came from a Crisis Card. It was crisis card of Helo's turn. He was also the admiral that he had to choose the destination card. He chose 3 with an expense of 2 Fuel. But there was another sentence following up, asking to draw a civilian ship and destroy it. unfortunately it was again 1 Fuel and 1 Population.

resources around Fuel (1), Food(6), Morale(5), Population (6)

We thought the game has ended because we did not have any Raptors (we lost 2 of them when we risked to gain Fuel with Tactics 6 skill card, well as you would guess, we draw 1 with the dice :)).  and with next jump, even we would need 1 unit, we would always loose 1 fuel, and no option to gain Fuel without risking a raptor which we did not have.

when we all lighted our cigarettes, we started a discussion away from the board. blaming each other, etc.. Friend of mine said we could have chance, if Tom Zarek was in the game. Because he has once per game action, that in expense of 1 population he may increase one of the resources... and if one of the next jump destination choices is 1 unit losing just 1 Fuel would let us win.

then after seconds, an idea just popped into my mind : I was the next player as Felix Gaeta.. I asked let's continue the game, I will give an executive order to Cally and ask her to execute me, which is once per game action of Cally (well she trusts me to do so :)). Then as I am human player, we will loose 1 morale, and I will choose Tom Zarek to come back but we have 50-50 chance with loyalty cards : adding one loyalty card to the left loyaly card deck, one of which is You are Cylon card (we were sure :))

We got lucky (i guess first time in the game). I drew You are not cylon card from the deck. next time when i was given chance of action, i increased the fuel to 2, and also at next jump admiral was able to choose destination of 1 which we lost 1 fuel, which lowered fuel to 1 again. Then we won a couple of skill checks in Crisis cards, as there are 4 human players against one Cylon. We didn't let Crisis cards to lower the Fuel, and also Cylon couldn't find a chance to deplete it fully and we made the final jump.

So we used like a Cylon feature, Resurrection :) killing Felix Gaeta and coming back as Tom Zarek to increase fuel :) and we used Cally's once per game action not to execute possible Cylon but executing a known human.

by accepting this play and winning as a human player :), once again, I felt for this game.

would you still do it? do you think this was a valid play?



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Thanks for your comments.


@subochre, I will inform friends about those cards ( but i must say first four cards were not one of them). it will give us hope next time


@Rullys, I suggest to start with only Option 2 when you get Exodus expansion. It is much easier to set up and start immediately. and I hope to get my Daybreak soon :)

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Pretty crazy odds.  I am not sure I would have even thought of the option!   Your only possible "invalid" part is if your off table talk did not include the whole group (including the Cylon).  No private conversations... though I can't see how that plan as a "public" one would have helped the cylon...  you went for a high risk now choice option and did it! 

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