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Does the toxic hydra effect aply to units entering in play later in the same turn?

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Up ! Still no answer ?


Considering this debate, how would you understand the Action of Forest dragon ? 




According to your vision of Toxic Hydra's Action :

1) You can play charge of the silver helm on him after triggering his Action

2) You have to consider "double" like bloodletters. 1 Action = double ; 2 Actions = triple.


=> You don't consider his present power when you trigger his Action, but until the end of the turn, you double (or triple...) the power he can gain or lose.


.. And nobody never played him this way, right ?


Forgive me for my mistakes, english isn't my native language.  :ph34r:

You double the power each time you trigger it's action.

6-12-24 etc.

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I'm sorry, but you can't say that, and in the mean time be ok with that interpretation of Toxic Hydra.


If you say that for Hydra (until the end of the turn, all units in a zone will have -2HP), you have to understand : until the end of the turn, double the unit's power. Why for Toxic the trigger doesn't end the Action, and for the dragon it should ? It's exactly the same wording.


Ex :

I trigger it for 3. For now, he gains +3P, since he has 3 powers on him.

Later in the turn, I play charge of the silver helm on him => +3 power on him. So 3+3 = 6. 6*2 = 12. (and not 6+3).

My opponent plays demoralise on him. 6-2 = 4. I double 4P, it makes 8P. And not, 12-2 = 8.


Another exemple :

If I trigger his Action twice : like bloodletters, you can't simply double the current power, but you have to triple all the power he has. So its not 3->6->12, but 3->6->9.


I can explain that way : the unit gains the card text "double this unit's power" for one turn. If the unit gains it twice, it's like the card text "triple this unit's power".


And of course, this is an absurd demonstration. Everyone could agree that nobody would play him that way. So, why should we for Toxic hydra ? You have to be agree with both, or nothing.

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Hi there. Probably the person who understands the toxic hydra's rule text like mentioned  above has got lots of "similar" cards with unbeatable everlast conditions. :)


I use to say to my daughters after I moped up the kitchen tile that wear a slippers when you are in the kitchen otherwise your bottom will be kicked by daddy. So, trigger the condition when you enter the kitchen. But it doesn't mean you have to wear these slippers till end of their life if they wouldn't like to being kicked on bottom longer than necesery.



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