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Frankenwalker Prime(d)

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Found that my zombie horde needs some armor. It came close but not quite to winning against the soviets but their armor was too much. Too much maneuverability, too much in the way of ranged attack ability.


Thus...the Frankenwalker. (I still need to paint it). Built from the base up.

The idea is that it is a repaired/rebuilt derilect.

...working out the stats but so far my idea is for it to have no MG, but have Ludwig guns, Wotan AR armor, the Loth claw which can once/game act as a rocket-propelled grappler to attach to another walker and keep it engaged (prevent it from moving out of range). The grappler idea I got from thinking of the zombies along the lines of Firefly Reavers. The Reaver thing also led me to the idea of "No Core Containment" meaning that anything w/in range 1 takes damage due to leakage of whatever powers these things...just another idea purely for the creep factor.

As for the armor, I was thinking a weakness whereas if it takes 3-4 hits in one shot it is destroyed. Not sure yet.


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