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Machine Wight Kraye

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I was delighted to be asked to join one of my friends ongoing Dark Heresy campaigns, and as this is my first time in this p&p setting (I play the miniature game, so i have some insight into the background of the setting.), i wanted go a bit more in depth with my character. I decided to play a Tech Priest, since he could easily be introduced into the campaign (They are currently negotiating with a Magus on a forge world.), and i have always like the "guys in crimson".

I normally never do sketches of my characters, seeing as i dont draw that impressive, and the playgroup normally just do a verbal presentation. But with the wish to be more in depth this time, i sat down last night with pen and notebook:


Machine Wight Kraye of the Adeptus Mechanicus:

Machine Wight Kraye

Now I abosutly suck at drawing faces, so i browsed my old Warhammer Monthy cartoons, and found that Tactical Officer Nallen, from the Titan series had just the type of stern look i wanted my character to have, so i based the face very closely on him.

If people are interrested in background stuff, Kraye grew up on a Forge world, working, and laster supervising one of the productin lines. He has later assigned to field duty, assisting a senior Techpriest in field-repairs of Imperial vechicles. He still carries the flag-coat from that period, under his crimson Machine Cult robes. A Inquisitional retinue has resently arrived on the Forge world, in search of a chaos taint, that allegiantly has fled to the planet. The Forge-Magus, has assigned Kraye to "assist" the retinue, and follow the investigation of the taint colsely.


-Comments are welcome =)



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