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Multiplayer Titles and Planning Ahead

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Hey I have a quick question that I seem to be having a difficult time finding an answer to.


When playing 3-4 players and the Planning Ahead plot card is played what happens to the titles?


Arent they returned during the taxation phase? If so do you keep the titles you have and play 2 rounds back to back with them?


If playing 3 player do you then get to choose a second title that is active during the rest of the next round?


And finally what happens if you are playing 4 players? Do the other 2 titles remain in the treasury?



All these follow up questions are only if they are a part of the taxation phase, If not then the rest  of the questions are null anyway. right?



Sorry if this is a noob question but it seems to be coming up quite often in our games.



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Titles are returned to the title pool at the end of the round.  Even though the round typically ends in the taxation phase, that doesn't mean the round does not end.  Otherwise we'd be stuck in limbo because we could never start a new round!  :-)

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