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The "Hothie's Ugly" Tournament

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A friend of mine is making me a couple of Uglies, and I am putting them up as prize support for a tournament that I will be holding.





The tournament will be held Saturday, August 31st (the Saturday of Labor Day weekend) at noon at Jay's CD and Hobby in Des Moines, IA.

3315 SE 14th St


The tournament will be Pirate Rules:

1. No unique ship or upgrade cards, including Squad leader or Rebel Captive
2. No faction restrictions
3.  No more than 1 of each ship type (X-wing, etc)  in your squad. So you may bring 1 Bounty Hunter, but leave the other 2 at home.
4. Rounds will be Swiss-style, then cutting to a top 2 or 4 depending on how many show.
5. 100 point squads, 75 minute rounds.
6 All other normal FFG tournament rules will apply.


Entry fee will be $5, which will go towards prize support. Prizes will include the Uglies pictured above, as well as new expansions from each Wave, Jays CD and Hobby gift cards, and other assorted goods. There will be a prize for last place. Winner gets first choice, and so on down the line.


This event is open to the public, which is why I'm posting here, in case you would like to try and attend. I've received confirmations from Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska, as well as Iowa, so far.  So this will hopefully be an epic tournament. If you are traveling, my wife's family usually stays at the Ankeny Best Western (and I don't get any money from them, just pointing it out.) I understand that people often have plans, so I'm putting this out now in case you don't and would like to attend. And I understand that this will be 2 weeks after Gencon, so there may not be money in the travel budget. But hopefully you can come, and if there are others in your gaming group that would like to attend, mention it to them. The more the merrier! :)

Hope to see you there!

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Well, I met a lot of people this past weekend at Gencon who are interested in coming, so I figured I'd bump this to get it back into the public's consciousness again.


And I have been thinking about it, and I am going to allow Wave 3 ships and upgrades (just not uniques) in this tournament. I looked at it this way: this game is so balanced that a pure Wave 1 list just won the North American Championship tournament. Plus pirates from different areas will have access to different ships. You just better be good at flying what you bring. Plus it will add to the variety of what people bring, and diversity of squads is a good thing. Besides, it's pirate rules and it's my tournament. Mutineers will be forced out of the airlock...


Also, I have kept some of my Gencon Wave 3 stuff boxed up, so there WILL be at least 1 Wave 3 ship as prize support as well even if they are not available to the general public yet. And since I am having a number of boosters as prize support, I may up the ante to $10 for an entry fee. Sorry, but I think all of the prize support will definitely make it worth the trip.


Hope to see you there! :)

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