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Wisdom and Warfare

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The preview is out.


It sounds good to me and very military based. I must say i was expecting more being put into tech victories.


My group haven't had a tech victory since the early days of playing it, in fact, level 4's are rare.


We had a game last night and were discussing the possible starting tech's etc.


I think;


England: Navy- As it says.


France: Pottery


Zulu: Animal Husbandry


Mongol: Horseback Riding


Japan: Chivalry


Aztec: I am not too sure on this one, really out of ideas.

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Aztec's a hard one. They don't start with a tech in CivRev, so it's possible they start with none in WaW. If I had to give them one it'd probably be Mysticism (based on some other Civ game) but I know that can't be it (FaF).


Maybe these lucky ducks start with Irrigation? Or some other unannounced new tech?

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I think they kind of HAVE to start with a tech, it is too much of a disadvantage to not. Unless this is balanced by a nice ability.


It could be Philosophy just for the ability to build temples?


Really can not wait for this expansion, hopefully the Aztecs and French are mentioned in the next preview these are the 2 I am most excited about.

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