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New to the game, what makes a good Dwarf deck

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Ok, I play with the wife, we've got the following card pool:


1x Core (probably get another soon)

1x Almost all Mirkwood expansions (I don't have TDM yet but that's coming soon as well)

1x Khazad-dum expansion

1x All Dwarrowdelf expansions

1x Heirs of Numenor


I want to make a Leadership/Tactics Dwarf deck, as my wife has decided she likes Spirit and Lore.  I went through all the Tactics and Leadership cards that said "Dwarf" on them, and tossed them in the deck, and wound up with  46 cards.  I want to keep it at 50 or as close as I can, since I'm not seeing any card draw.  I'm leaning towards Thalin/Gimli/Dain as my heroes, but my heart's not set on them.


What I'm hoping for is, can someone point out some things to me that I might be missing?  What makes a good dwarf deck with these available cards and using only Leadership and Tactics?  I suppose I could have my wife let me use her Lore dwarves as well, if that makes a better deck.


Is there anything that is "OMG you need to play with at least these cards" and "LOL don't ever do that, it just doesn't work" ?




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Get the Hobbit Expansions if you can, and then you can make a very very powerfull Dwarf deck. 


I'm a bit new player too so I have never tried but I guess you could use Dain, Thorin (on Hobbit boxes) and maybe Gimli. High starting threat (your wife can help lower your threat) but you will have a good quest strength.

with Dain ready Thorin will have 4 and Gimli 3, and there are many Leadership cards to raise your quest strength


I guess there is no need to mention that nearly nothing will be able to kill you and you will be able to kill everything (if you can play a song to make Dain Lore, or Narvis Belt and with their abilities play Burning Brand on Dain you will be unbeatable)  

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i have used dwarves a lot over the time of the game. heres some ideas/advice


dwarves need 1 thing to succeed in a deck - numbers. most dwarf 'power' cards say something like 'gets +1 attack for each dwarf you control' or 'if you control at least 5 dwarves....'


this said, you therefore need great card draw + resources to get them in play


so...2 cards here...

-dearons runes

-we have not been idle


both of these allow you to fly through your deck for free.


extra cards to mention here are

-legacy of durin which allows you to draw each time you play a dwarf

-a very good tale which gets allies in for free

-king under the mountain which allows you to look for top cards in your deck


so, you have card resources. there are many ways to do this...some better than others.

-steward of gondor...the most obvious one. attach and get +2 resources per turn

-resourceful...better in a secrecy deck, so if you have a starting threat under 20, which is unlikely for a dwarf deck, then be sure to mulligan for this card

-gloin.....a resource each time he gets a point of damage. here you can let him get damaged on purpose. leave a weak-ish enemy engaged with you and let it hit him each turn. get the resources then heal him with self preservation or similar.

-we have not been idle also allows for resource gaining


so thats a few key points. another key point is that a good dwarf deck, or any deck really, needs a good hero choice. this is perhaps harder with dwarves as theres more choice. but here some ideas


-dain has been mentioned, for good reason. he is the number 1 hero for a dwarf deck. keep him ready for the +1 willpower, get some erebor record keepers in play for a 1 cost, 2 willpower quester and then you are good. he can then defend after.


-bifur. probably the 2nd best dwarf. he automatically gives a song of wisdom in effect to someone else, due to his ability to take thier resource. this means you can have say, a 2 tactics hero deck, with bifur effectively giving you both 2 heroes of each sphere and therefore 2 potential resources per sphere per turn. this is good as alot of dwarf cards are relatively cheap


-thalin. amazing for those 'surge' crows. instantly kills any 1 hit point enemy whilst questing. with dain you have 2 willpower making it even more worth it.


so there you have for instance a 3 sphere deck.....leadership/ lore /tactics. many do not like tri sphere but here you have the added ability of bifur.

also, another key card here is narvis belt. acts as a changeable song card. so get that on bifur, making him any sphere, and you have 2 resources guaranteed for any sphere per turn. get steward on him and you are going to be able to afford anything


i hope these ideas help, i know some of those cards are from the hobbit packs, so my final piece of advice is next pack you get, go for those


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