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Voidstate: Improved Random Squadron Generator

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hi All


Just thought I'd let everyone know that last week I have rewrote much of the Random Squadron functionality on my squadron builder to make it less random!

While completely random picks were fun, they were also largely unplayable. So I've added some nudges towards making the squadrons it generates have at least a small chance of winning. I've not been happy with it for a while but after posting the Classic Combinations thread on BGG, I had an epiphany and decided to include everyone's suggestions in the Squadron Builder.

Here's the general rules I've implemented to try and make it pick better squadrons.

  • Higher PS pilots are more likely to be given upgrades.
  • Pilots with more upgrade slots are more likely to be given upgrades.
  • Some classic combinations are more likely to come up.
  • Pointless combinations - such as low PS pilots with Swarm Tactics or pilots without missiles/torpedoes getting Deadeye - won't appear at all.
  • Some pilots are widely agreed to be weak choices (cough*Arvel Crynyd*cough*). They get chosen less often.
  • Other pilots are generally considered strong. They get chosen slightly more often.
  • Imperial squadrons will occasionally swarmify (after generating an Academy Pilot, another may be added, and another, etc.)
  • Finally, Y-Wings get an Ion Cannon most of the time.

Also, while tinkering, I have also made it faster and less likely to fail (it now automatically retries behind the scenes if it can't get the random picks to add up to the chosen point total).



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