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Selling my WHI collection

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**SOLD on Ebay for $200**


I feel dirty even posting this here, and like I am somehow betraying this community by selling my cards, but its time for me to let them go.  I don't get to play anymore and having them sit on the shelf is sadder than just not having them at all.

I have:

Core Set X2

Deluxe Expansion Assault on Ulthuan

Deluxe Expansion Legends

Deluxe Expansion March of the Damned

The Corruption Cycle

  • The Skavenblight Threat X2
  • Path of the Zealot
  • Tooth and Claw
  • The Deathmaster's Dance
  • The Warpstone Chronicles
  • Arcane Fire X2

The Enemy Cycle

  • The Burning of Derricksburg
  • The Fall of Karak Grimaz
  • The Silent Forge
  • Redemption of a Mage
  • The Fourth Waystone
  • Bleeding Sun

The Morrslieb Cycle

  • Omens of Ruin
  • The Chaos Moon
  • The Twin Tailed Comet
  • Signs in the Stars
  • The Eclipse of Hope
  • Fiery Dawn

The Capital Cycle

  • The Inevitable City
  • Realm of the Phoenix King
  • The Iron Rock
  • Karaz-a-Karak
  • City of Winter
  • The Imperial Throne

The Bloodquest Cycle

  • Rising Dawn

Also includes 650-750 high quality card sleeves (in 9 different colors) and 100-200 high quality proxies of useful cards.

Gonna put it up on Ebay in a couple days.

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The Emperor does not sell the Death Star, Sauron doesn't sell the One Ring ... don't do it.

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Very sorry to read this. I hope there was not some tragic event in your life that had you decide you must leave WH:I behind. If there was not, might want to hang on to your things (hide them from sight) and see if things change in the future.


Your rules clarifications will be sorely missed :(

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Sorry Tragic, I sold it on Ebay a few days ago.  


And no, there was no tragic event in my life.  My friends just never liked it as much as I did, and I got sick of trying to beg them to play.  I have no interest in trying to go to a local card shop to play, so that pretty much meant I wasn't playing anymore.  Mallumo has been steadily taking over the rules work I used to do, and I'm going to pass off the OCTGN module to Wytefang shortly.  Its been fun talking with all of you on the forums, and I hope you all enjoy Cataclysm as much as I did in playtesting.

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