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The Emperor's Web of Scum and Villainy

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So I am sure many of you are extremely excited by the latest force packs and the amazing tools they have given to the Scum and Villainy affiliation in particular. I set to work as soon as I got them trying to finally come up with a deck to use my favourite affiliation and I think I may have cracked it. As I playtested and modified the deck I think I have been able to plug the holes I have found in their strategy. Right off the bat I found that despite the amazing pods we now have for Scum, the affiliation lacked sufficiently heavy hitters to get the game over and destroy enemy objectives. It quickly became clear that an attempt at straight Scum still wasn't viable, so I decided to try some splashes.

I had initially toyed with Imperial Navy as a partner due to their many multi-resource generating enhancements that couple well with some of the Scum cards that seem useless like Bounty Collection and their minor focus on capturing themselves. The more I tried that deck, the more I felt I was stuck with cards that were too situational to rely on so I went back to the drawing board. I decided to try a Sith splash as their pods give me access to Sith Library and other resource generation cards as well as control elements and game enders like Palpatine.

The Libraries have proven invaluable in helping build a solid and rapid resource advantage over your opponent. The need to have the Scum Affiliation card to use a key pod, Lucrative Contract was proving to make building slightly awkward, but I think I have come up with a nice balance to off-set the potentially awkward resource base. Here's my current list and after it I will discuss each card and pod one by one to explain my experience with them and decision to play them. Hope you guys like it!

Scum and Villainy Affiliation Card

Objectives (10):

Looking For Droids (Neutral) x1
The Emperor's Web (Sith) x2
Counsel of the Sith (Sith) x2
The Hunt For Han Solo (S&V) x1
Jabba's Orders (S&V) x2
Lucrative Contract (S&V) x2

Units (25):

Ugnaught x1
Emperor Palpatine x2
Emperor's Royal Guard x2
Advisor to the Emperor x2
Z-95 Headhunter x2
Kuati Security Team x2
Viper Probe Droid x2
Outer Rim Space Pirates x2
Jawa Trading Crawler x2
Weequay Elite x4
Corrupt Official x4

Enhancements (7):

Cloud City Incinerator x1
Jabba's Palace x2
Sith Library x4

Events (14):

Force Choke x2
Force Lightning x2
Get Me Solo! x2
Explosive Charge x2
Dark Precognition x2
Dark Alliance x2
It's Worse x1
Carbonite Chamber Activation x1

Fate Cards (4):

Twist of Fate x4

The basic strategy is to use the Scum units to establish a solid defensive line while striking out with Z-95 Headhunters, Kuati Security Teams and the Emperor. Given the solid resource base, I am usually able to hit Palpatine fairly reliably to start buying my opponent's units in focus tokens and their objectives in damage. Capturing cards is not integral to this deck's strategy, but clever distribution of the cards you do manage to capture can make your opponent's decision of which objectives to attack and when much more difficult.

Now to break it down card by card…

Looking For Droids: This card helps mitigate potentially awkward objective and resource draws. It tends to be a safe place to store captured cards too as its actual effect gets more negligible as the game goes on, which makes it a less attractive target for your opponent's attacks. If I have a choice of it or Web in my opening draw, I usually pick it as Web only affects Lightning and only has 4 damage capacity. I have to use the Scum affiliation card, so the resource match ability and the cards in the set are very helpful to smooth out resource match issues. 

The Emperor's Web: I try to avoid playing this objective whenever possible due to its low damage capacity. Jabba's Palace mitigates that problem, but the perk of Web itself is only usable with two out of fifty cards in the command deck. The cards from the pod are integral, though so I'm sticking with it.

Counsel of the Sith: Easily one of the best objectives in the game in my opinion. It can be attractive to use both if you get them in your opening draw, but I tend to settle for just one so I can keep more Scum objectives in play to protect with Corrupt Officials. The pod has so many key cards too.


The Hunt For Han Solo: The pod itself has some great cards to support my strategy, but capturing is sort of a side effect of this deck's overall theme of control and superior resource generation. The objective itself seems good on paper, but capturing isn't reliable enough here so I don't count on getting much out of it if it ever sees play. The best card in the pod is a two of, so I'm fine running the one copy of this set.


Jabba's Orders: I drastically underestimated this objective's ability until I saw the incredible value of being able to effectively predict your opponent's next turn or their defensive potential after flipping it. Additionally, hitting it first turn with a copy of Get Me Solo! can give you a strong leg up on your opponent as you can hit their best unit or even multiple units at once. The cards in the pod itself are fantastic, but more on them later.


Lucrative Contract: This objective is amazing. I only run six mercenaries at this time, but being able to reduce the risk of committing those units to the Force or to counteract enemy Tactics icons is amazing. A fantastic pod and I think it will be an integral part of many Scum decks.


Ugnaught: I have tons of resource generation and this guy's ability is hit or miss as I don't have to do a lot of capturing for this deck to work so he's not so hot. He's a boon more often than a burden, though so he's not bad. Since he generates a resource, he is a good candidate to commit to the Force.


Emperor Palpatine: The big boss of all these mercenaries and criminals. Getting him on table will really put your opponent on the ropes and my playtests have yielded that he is easy to play comfortably and early in the game. His Reaction maintains its usefulness as I have six Sith events in the deck that are all great to recur depending on your needs at the time.

Emperor's Royal Guard: An excellent unit overall and a great one to use to swipe the Balance of the Force. If I eventually fit Boba Fett in here somehow, this guy will help alleviate the risk of Fett's low damage capacity. An amazing card overall.

Advisor to the Emperor: An excellent and flexible unit. If I need resources for Sith, he has 'em. If I need to grab the Balance of the Force, he can. Tactics icons are a great way to make your opponent defend against an attacker as they will get their unit or units focused if they don't. Attack with this guy first against a less important objective to force their hand and then send your heavy hitters once their defenders have been drawn to him.


Z-95 Headhunter: This card is slightly awkward to use depending on the match-up, but it has reliable offensive icons and a solid damage capacity. It's also easy to use this guy to make your opponent want to defend against its blast damage and if you happen capture a card from their hand during the engagement at the same time you're laughing! This card alone tempts me to double the pod count, but I've found the two copies to be plenty thus far.

Kuati Security Team: Not the best unit, but it's neutral which makes it easy to play. It can help chip away at opponent's objectives and defend against sneaky attempts to grab the all-important unopposed damage bonus.

Viper Probe Droid: This guy isn't so hot, but if you use him as your free discard during your draw phase he is rather good. I generally try to avoid playing it from my hand as it takes away from the utility of its ability, so edge battles are also good to pitch it in too. Effectively increasing your hand size is always good, so this guy is a nice little trick to have sometimes.

Outer Rim Space Pirates: This card is incredibly flexible with its resource generation, excellent combat icons, and strong Force icon count. Having Lucrative Contract out makes it even better, so try to get Contract out whenever possible for this and other reasons.

Jawa Trading Crawler: Not the best unit in the deck, but it is fairly flexible. There are a few droids and several vehicles in this deck so the resources can rather easily be taken to their fullest advantage. The combat icons may be edge-dependent, but that just makes this unit a good candidate for an unopposed attack on an unguarded objective. Way more flexible than I first anticipated.

Weequay Elite: One of this deck's all-stars. Even without his cost discount, this guy is an effective threat to your opponents plans both on offense and defense. I am commonly able to get him out for only two, but even at four cost he proves incredibly useful. Committing him to the Force can be very effective if you have Lucrative Contract out to help refresh those extra focus tokens off him. Fantastic card and it will only get better with more Scum sets.

Corrupt Official: I will probably never put this card into play. The discard ability is rather amazing and can easily ruin your opponent's attacks. I generally use them sooner rather than later, however, because I think cycling through the deck to get key cards is important to the flow of my strategy. The deck has four copies so using one to stop even one point of damage is worth it more often than it isn't as you will almost certainly draw more as the game goes on.

Cloud City Incinerator: I don't think I have ever actually put this card into play. The ability does have its uses, but is generally not worth the cost since I could put a unit into play instead. I also like the ability to lure my opponent into attacking certain objectives by storing captured cards on them so the ability becomes even less appealing with that in mind. The two Force icons mean it is usually solid edge-fodder, so it's not a total loss.

Jabba's Palace: This card is amazing. The resource is nice, but the extra damage capacity it grants to each of your objectives is a great way to ruin your opponent's offensive strategy. Playing it after they have already damaged an objective or two can really mess with their math and make them have to go back to the drawing board. It is unique, but the three Force icons mean you can find much use for the second one if you draw it.

Sith Library: This card is what made me want to pair up with Sith in the first place. It has cheap resource ramping that helps get Palpatine and other key cards out as early as possible. I specifically chose sets that had it to include in the deck and basically stumbled upon the Scum to Emperor strategy I am finding to work rather well. This card also combos extremely well with Explosive Charge too, which is a big plus.

Force Choke: I don't think I need to explain how amazing this card is. Emperor recurring it is just icing on the cake!

Force Lightning: My early drafts of this deck had issues with vehicle-based strategies and this card provides some more options when dealing with such a deck. Yet again, Emperor recursion makes it even better!

Get Me Solo!: This card seems iffy, but aside from the explosive starts it can allow if you draw it with Jabba's Orders, even missing with its capture ability allowed you a look at the opponent's hand. The value of that cannot be overstated. Knowing which cards they have to use in edge battles and can play next turn can make both your offense and defense stronger. With two Force icons, this is really flexible card.

Explosive Charge: I expect this card to keep getting better as the card pool expands and enhancements grow in their importance. With the number of enhancements in this list you can easily sabotage everything from your opponent's resource base to their offensive and defensive tactics. I generally pitch it if I can't use it immediately, however, as I think it is important to cycle cards without an immediate use in hopes of getting cards you want to play right away.

Dark Precognition: One of my favourite cards. The effect seems simple but, in my experience, the more you dig through your deck, the better off you are in the game. It can also be recurred with Palpatine if you have a crummy hand and want to try and draw some better answers to the board state.

Dark Alliance: I haven't had to use this card yet, but there is always the chance that I could draw no Looking For Droids and Sith objectives the whole game. The two Force icons make it useful in edge battles, so it is never really a dead draw.

It's Worse: I haven't had a chance to use this card as anything but edge fodder yet, but the potential is there. I avoid holding onto it, though as it is contingent on what cards your opponent is playing no matter how devastating a surprise it can be.

Carbonite Chamber Activation: This is a killer card, but its use is somewhat narrow. In the right match-up, it is downright annoying to play against, though. Once again, two Force icons still maintain its value in situations where you can't use its ability to much effect.

Twist of Fate: Easily the best Fate card in my opinion, so the more the merrier! It isn't hard to make your opponent waste several cards with this one if you use it effectively, which I'm sure you all know how to do by now.

I hope you guys like the deck and would love some feedback! So far I haven't found Looking For Droids to be completely necessary but the potential for resource screw is rather apparent without it so I think I will stick with it for now. If anyone has any math or stats to help me determine the odds of being resource screwed without it if I were to swap it for another Sith or Scum objective, I would greatly appreciate it! Scum and Villainy for life!

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The probability of getting resource screwed when running 4-6 and 6-4 affiliation/non-affiliation splits is 1:210 and 1:14 respectively.


I tried a similiar palpatine build with the weequays and the new lucrative contract pod.  It could lock the board down, but most of the time was just too reactionary.  If LS held back and built up their strike force they could punch through even with 4 twists.  Even the games that it won it would often be 0-2 objectives against setting you up for a match loss.  Most of the time your Corrupt Officials just rot in your hand as they go for your other objectives.  I think Lucrative Contract will shine in a mono S-V build when that becomes an option.

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I've found the deck to match-up fairly well with my Light Side decks (Shields/Speeders, Smuggler's Den, Pure Smugglers). I've find it can win often, but I do agree it doesn't destroy objectives efficiently enough. I'm really coming to hate the tournament tie-breaker rules more and more because decks that still win the game itself reliably are being pushed out in favour of pure aggression.

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even with all the new pods


2x Jabbas orders

2x Interrogation

2x Counsel

2x Fall of the Jedi

2x Emperors web


Is still a very solid build.  Capture easy happens on turn one, which can result in weequay droping asap.  Jabbas palace makes web more sturdy.  and the amount of capture/control you have is just insane, while the amount of tatics icons you have in play make the game borderline un-fun.  I really recomend this deck its very very good,  90% of the time when i loose its user error, it even handles rebels with out issue they might get 1 objective fast but once a few weequay are in play its to many tatics icons for them to handle, the trick is to not kill stuff like Rogue 3 just tatics is 5 times and watch them gag.



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I like those ideas, I just really wanted to give the new objectives a shot and I think this is the closest we will get to making them work until we get Edge of Darkness. Hopefully this whole conversation will be moot in a few days when it finally comes out!

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It seems to me like 2x Cruel Interogations would provide better synergy than 1x Looking for Droids and 1x Hunt for Han Solo. 

It provides some more tactics, some hand control, better chance of cheap wequays turn 1, ect.



Though I do really like Looking for Droids.

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Try with this


Scum and Villainy (Core) 

Total Objective Sets: (10)

2x The Emperor's Web (Core)

2x Cruel Interrogations (Core)

2x Jabba's Orders (The Search For Skywalker)

2x The Tatooine Crash (Edge of Darkness)

2x Counsel of the Siths (Core)


Maybe u can remove one Counsel to add one Feeding the Pit. Vader is not necesssary in this deck,

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