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Elder Sign Omens: Answering The Call

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I present to you version 1 of what many of us have been waiting some time for: a tabletop version of Elder Sign: Omens' "Call of Cthulhu" expansion.This expansion includes 20 new Adventures, the new Relic item deck, a new starting location, and two Heralds which will alter the rules of the game. Below are said Heralds and some troubleshooting notes for playing with the expansion. I also tacked on the promo Adventure cards released with the novels, since I had some space left over on a page. Please, please let me know of any mistakes or anything I've left out; it doesn't take long to fix and update the files and since I don't have the game myself I'm sure they're plenty I'm missing.

Additionally, if anyone would like to help me work on more Omens expansions by giving me info about their contents, that would be most appreciated! So as not to clutter up this post I'll put what I need for that in a response further down.

I hope you all find this expansion enjoyable!






What happens if R’lyeh comes out early and is discarded for some reason, or if Yig’s effect causes the loss of Elder Signs while in the Pacific Rim?
You’d better get ready for the final battle, then, sucker!

What happens if an effect closes, say, the First Aid station before/after Ultima Thule becomes the starting location?
The “Ultima Thule” ship is not the museum lobby, and therefore unaffected by card effects that close specific entrance locations. The “Cargo Hold” is not closed if the Souvenir Shop would be, ect.

Can I use both Heralds at the same time?
Yes, in fact they are both separate effects of the Call of Cthulu campaign in Omens. I decided to split them up because I adore modularity of difficulty and because I think both core mechanics of the campaign (the hunt for R'lyeh and assembling the amulet) have a lot of character and could easily stand on their own as gametypes.

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Here are the things I'm looking for with regards to the other Omens campaigns. Finding out any of these would be incredibly helpful, every little bit brings another expansion closer. Also, with regards to Adventures, the most important thing is knowing the trophy value, effects, tasks, rewards, and penalties. The name, flavor text, and picture are super appreciated, but not technically necessary.

Huge thanks to anyone who can give me any of this information!

The Call Of Cthulhu

More Adventures (Particularly Raging Storm)



The 5 new monsters

The new serpent-themed Adventures

The Trail Of Ithaqua

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Monsters

Starting Items for Lola Hayes and Tony Morgan


New Monsters

New Mythos effects (I know they may not be new to the tabletop game, but I'd like to know what different game feel the different Ancient Ones bring to Omens so I might cook up something like it for the card game)

The Dark Pharaoh Rises

New Cairo Adventures

New Desert Adventures

New Pyramid Adventures

New Monsters



New Adventures

New Mythos effects

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Updated the Heralds' wording somewhat, added 5 new Adventures in the Pacific Rim deck, and changed the print layout to work (I think) for people not using FedEx's printers and just feeding it back into their printers the old-fashioned way >_>

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