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End Times! Timing Question

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I have a question concerning the order of how things happen when my opponent plays end times!

In which order do units enter play. Does the active player play all his units first and then the other player, or do all units enter play simultaniously? so basically everybody puts his units into play facedown and the everybody flips them faceup so ur opponent can not put units in specific zones to counter the units of the opposing player? how is this resolved exactly?


Second part of the question is:

lets say both players have no units in play and my opponent is the active player. he casts end times and we both draw lots of units with come into play abilities.

if the units of the active player enter play first he cannot put any of his actions to use because my units are not in play yet and he cannot target anything. now my units enter play and i can target all his units… seems a bit unfair to me… 

on the other hand if all units enter play simultainiously how do we resolve the abilities then? does the active player put all his actions on the chain or do we both put actions on the chain in an alternating way likie in a normal action window?

thats why i need a exact clarification of how and when things happen.


thx in advance for the answers

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The active player determines first where he will put his units. Then the opponent chooses his'. Then units enter play simultaneously. It acts exactely the same as indirect damage on both players.  Players add their entering play actions to the action chain begginning by the active player and then they resolve them from the last to the first action.

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