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JJ's Game Lounge - Slow Grow League (July 1st, 2013 - Chatsworth, CA)

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JJ's Game Lounge will be holding a 4 week league starting July 1st.


X-Wing League Basics.

-4 week event starting July 1st at JJ's Game Lounge in Chatsworth.

-Each week of games ends at 8:00pm on Sunday

-Prizes will be in store credit, X-Wing product, and a first place trophy

-Entry into league is 40$ store product without discount, or 20$ cash; entries must be paid before participating in league, and entry contributes to prize pool

-Sportsmanship is paramount

-Players will choose to play with either a Rebel or Imperial force

-Maximum 3 games per week each being 100 points except for the first week where each game is 50 points; each game is 1 hour long and before each game begins a player should roll a D6 to determine if asteroids will be used (1-3 yes, 4-6 no).

-A player cannot play against the same opponent back to back

-Each game you play earns experience points, a player gets xp equal to 50% of the points of the enemy ships destroyed including any upgrades on those ships, a player always gets a minimum of 25 xp per game. For the first week the minimum xp a player can earn is 15 points

-Lists are chosen before each game is played but lists are restricted as described in more detail below

-This league will feature a tech. tree and a character bidding system

-In regards to the tech. tree, unlocking the next tier of the tree requires spending 50 xp and once tier is unlocked it remains unlocked for the rest of the league and allows unlimited access to whatever upgrades or ships are unlocked, a player can unlock tech. at any point during the week

-Branches in the tech. trees must be unlocked sequentially following the arrows; however a player can choose to unlock multiple branches off of the Tier 1

-Every player begins the game with Tier 1 unlocked

-All characters are restricted, each week after the first a list of available characters will be available on the JJ’s game lounge forum and league participants will be able to secretly bid for the allegiance of characters available to their faction (Rebels/Imperials) using their xp.

-Secret bids will be emailed to between Sunday 8:00pm-Monday at 2:00pm each week after the first and characters will then be allocated to players

-A player can only recruit a character pilot who is available for a ship type they have unlocked via the tech tree (ie. a player cannot bid on nor recruit Tycho if they have not unlocked the A-Wing ship)

-Players are able to use the Firespray ship type and the YT-1300 if they have unlocked them on the tech. tree, however a player may not recruit any characters that belong to the opposing faction (ie. a rebel player can run a Firespray but it cannot be Boba Fett nor the Slave I upgrade)

-If there is a tie in between players for any characters for the bidding on a character then the player with the lowest strength of schedule wins the tie

-In any game in which a character is destroyed the opponent who destroyed the character will roll a D6 to determine whether the character will still be available to the opponent for the week or go back to the available pool for the next week, a player who loses a character will not be allowed to recruit that character in the following week: on a D6 1-4 the character stays, 5-6 the pilot returns to the pool

-If a character does not return to the pool then they remain in the service of the player who controlled them from the week before

*The full rules are available on in the forums under the heading Fantasy Flight, X-Wing League July 2013

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